Account Merge

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Hello, I was wondering if you guys could disable the two boundless steam accounts that I own.

And merge them into a Wayfarer package on the new account I created on the boundless forum.

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I’ve actually wondered this myself. :thinking:


Yes it is possible, I’m sure I read somewhere somebody done it. @james would know best

edit: link

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Simple curiosity : what’s the difference between a Boundless Steam account and a Boundless account

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I wouldn’t know, I simply want that Wayfarer title, I originally planned on using the two accounts, one for my brother, and one for myself, but it seems that it was the unintelligent way to go about it, because I’ll be given an extra launch key with the wayfarer account with extra perks.

Also my OCD wants to have a specific name the one I have chosen for the forum, instead of my original two account names, and my brother wants to choose his own account name.

I did notice however that those of your friends on steam who own boundless are automatically friends with you in game, aka my alternate account.

Might be a good idea to delete your email from this, because random internet bots will pick it up and send you a bunch of spam and stuff…