Active Portal Bug

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I found my first bug! In changing ownership of plots, terrain generation de-spawned 1/2 of an Active Portal. The area was reclaimed but the 1/2 active portal is permanently stuck. I cannot put any portal block above/below/beside it (as it is active) and I cannot mine the block. The only solution I can think of is to unclaim the land again and let terrain generation finish taking over- but I dont want to lose everything else in it. Any suggestions?


Nice find!

Wait for a Dev. They may want to see this

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What are the coordinates of this location?

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Portal glitch is at (or where you are standing to see the glitch)
Kada 1
-1,089 N 700 E alt: 68

Enter via staircase at -1079 N 727 E alt:82

Thanks for the information, it’s been added to the bug database for someone to look into.