Actively Changing World. or it could be 'The Geography Update'

Alright so at the moment i am studying geography and while writing a essay on stalagmites and stalactites and how they form, and i was thinking what if we could use these minor details in this game for example in caverns and caves you could get stalagmites, and stalactites and after a while stalactites may fall and block off area, so the map would actively be changed by nature, and stalactites may form in areas which have water on surface.

Now for my Suggestions

  1. Rivers can constantly change the landscape, for example in the lowland areas where you get meanders over time the river could wear away at the blocks (the inside of the river would get deposits of sand etc where as the outside parts of the river would create cliffs or sudden drops) Rivers could also have currents so if you are on the outside area where it is more of a cliff the current may be faster, but if you are on the inside where the blocks are deposited then the current would move slower.

  2. Cavern/Cave edits, you could like in my example add Stalactites (the ones that hang) and Stalagmites (the ones that grow upwards) and these could grow in caves the are nearby a water source that is on the surface (lets say the x coordinate for the cave is 0 then if there is a river or watersouce within 50 blocks) then a stalactite may form and grow bigger, but if it gets too big it can fall and place blocks on ground it falls onto so if you are under it it will damage you, there would also be pillars that could grow so if a stalagmite and stalactite grow into each other then it will form a pillar.
    along with that there could also be cave ins that can happen which could be random and change the layout of the caves/caverns. and also underwater rivers/streams would be nice to look at aswell this could also add a addition of permeable and impermeable rock types, so if water is going over permeable rock it will have chance at wearing away the rock and maybe seeping into a cavern, but impermeable rocks won’t be able to wear away so they would be better for building docks with as bricks made out of permeable would be able to wear away. (Obviously all this stuff would happen over time and not just instantly so you may be waiting a week- a month to see water in a cavern that you recently went mining in.

  3. Seas, there is nothing better than eating ice cream on a beach then suddenly a tidal wave hits you and throws you against a wall, yes i am saying this natural disasters, for sea type worlds tidal waves, for hell worlds volcanic eruptions and geysers, plain type worlds hurricanes etc, also include earthquakes etc cause who doesn’t want to find out there is a a brand new cave right under your base which is home a rare ass creature. these things would actively change the landscape and make people think more when building in certain areas, do you want to be earthquake proof, will i make the docks higher to be anti wave, and while we are on it the sea level raises at night by a few blocks so in day it could be at 78 while at night it could be 81 etc

  4. Wind. There is nothing better than wind destroying your crops one morning and you losing your entire food supply in minutes this would cause people to study the wind and find out when it will be strong or not so you will know when to plant and harvest your crops it would also make you think what crops you should plant in that area warmer places = warmer plants, colder places = colder crops.

So these are only some updates at the moment i am in the middle of homework so if i think of more i will post here but also you guys should also add some you would think would be cool.

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and obviously you could pick the properties yourself in world builder

Very good idea!
Well, we need first the some kind of regeneration for worlds. I mean something like erosion, when one-block-columns will dissolve at winds.

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agreed. i think it should be a sort of system that repairs everything every 2 months etc to its original state unless inside a beacon

Not. One moment repairing every 2 months isn’t good. It must be continuous process: block-by-block while nobody seeing it.
For inquiry: regeneration of the worlds was discussed here, here, announced here and here.

About active changing: think, it need be recurring (or periodic, may be occasional) process, because in another way it will irreversible destruct world.

well, as for slalagmites and stalagtites, and rivers wearing away the landscape, those things happen too slowly for anyone to really notice, and we’re working in meter-wide blocks, so you can’t really gradually wear away at a landscape that slowly.

as for waves, that could be cool. also, if you had a very windy world that you clould be blown away in a crosswind at any moment, that would be awesome. all your paths would need walls on either side to make sure you don’t blow away.

I think storms would be cool maybe have them on only certain worlds or something and have them marked on the big map like on the star map shots it said hostel worlds so something like that. Players that want to live there could get an extra challenge they have to deal with like tornadoes or hurricanes you know

that happen like 2 times a week or something X3