Add a custom HUD location panel possible?

I’m looking for a way to have my location coordinates show in the top left of the screen, during gameplay. The debug window is okay, but I don’t want all the panels to show - just coordinate integers. I don’t know if that is a Visual Studio thing or if it’s something I can add to a json file?


Someone may correct me here but I don’t think it’s as simple as editing the configs.
I think the game adds data to the GUI from code, targeting specific things like the compass, so if you added a new GUI element it wouldn’t have access to position data.

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You can resize the debug window to just show the one line. It helps.

I’ve been doing that, but it looks bad :expressionless: in videos - especially with 4k resolution.

I’ll probably dig through everything later to see if I can get it to display.


Oh yeah at 4k it’s hardly usable anyways.

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back in EA i tried a number of ways to “sneak” the coordinates into various UI elements to make mining at a given elevation easier… i think i did get them to show up in other elements within the places menu… but never outside of the “parent” element/window so i think Will is on the money with

The HUD simply does not seem to have access to that kind of information.

Ultimately it was easier to write a script to read the coordinates from memory and display the info on top of the game O.o but such tools often break with each update and can be a pain to find a reliable address + pointers… I’ve had better luck with AOB scans but that entails having the script scan for the address each time the game loads under controlled conditions and again often breaks with each update =/


I liked the map that was in the corner better than the atlas. At least that way you could see where you were in the world without having to pull the atlas up blocking your view. If possible bring that back and add coordinates right below it. You could still have the “fog of war” until you mapped the entire planet.