Add forum signature & player level icon


A little wishlist:

  1. I’d like to see signatures added to the forum so that we can add our base coordinates, list our guilds, etc. (Might have to add a line or two to the CoC that covers sigs though.)

  2. It’d be cool if there were a tiny little icon next to our player names in game - either we choose the icon, or it goes by player level, our guild, or something.


that would be cool


I wonder who made this forum service. It would be up to them.


If the source code is available and I thought it was then it can be added without the original makers…


From poking around the code it looks like they might have used Discourse. There is a plug-in for sigs.


Adding sigs in the forum would be trivial (personally not a fan as they tend to clutter a busy thread with graphics all begging for attention) but connecting that info into the game would raise a variety of design problems, especially if you allow player generated icons based on those sigs.

We do already have user cards that can have all of that info and graphics already in the forums. This is viewable when you click a users avatar.


Agree 100%, but having a very limited signature option could work as well.
Another forum I’m in limits you to very few characters (150, with full markup options), which breeds innovation and allows a lot of options, while limiting some of the hot mess sigs you see elsewhere.


I like how you can just read everything in a thread, with sigs I’d have to pay more attention to which parts to read and which not.


This is what I’d vote for - very small sig, just enough for a line of text and a link or such, so people can the info mentioned that other people will likely want to see - locations, names, guilds. Agreed that it is annoying when people are allowed to use graphics and all in forum signatures.


Here are a couple of visual references for what I had in mind:

Optional forum sig:

Optional Player icons:


I think having a small sig like that would be awesome

Alternatively, just have it like a spoiler. It doesn’t show unless you click on the person’s display or something, that way it won’t clog up the text.