Add Steam Workshop for Boundless mod uploads

The Steam workshop is a part of the gaming client Steam . It is a community-driven place where users and content creators can upload and download content for their favorite games. Steam workshop supports many different items which include mods, artwork, skins, maps and much more.


This would be great. It would make modding much more accessible and not require python scripts or custom editing to get started.


Excellent idea!

Now how does one integrate Steam Workshop in a PS4/5 game?

If they do something like this they have to make something from scratch that’s specific to this game. Just realised why no one has come up with something pre-made like that which can work across multiple platforms (Xbox, PSN, Epic Games, Steam, etc.) so a dev does not have to reinvent the wheel when they have a multiplat game…

But you do not need python scripts to make mods for this game?

Creative Mode prototype is also Modding Prototype with a Lua script API which will be expanded upon a lot in the future I hope! It could allow for lots of crazy stuff.

They will need a way for people to share those tho. Like a Creative Mode planet can only work on PS4 when it’s a rental planet since the weak CPU of the PS4 can not run the planet server along the game (well, not without serious performance issues). So with a Creative Mode world like that we will need to be able to add scripts to the server remotely.

Also all kinds of configs can be changed for very nice effects which should also be changeable with a remote Creative Mode world.

Anyway, my fantasy is that they will find a way where we can visit Creative Mode worlds with our current characters. Worlds where all kinds of Lua scripts can be running and the more creative people can go nuts on with dungeons and all kinds of interactive stuff.
It could work if they lock the inventory completely, can’t move items in and out of a Creative World EXCEPT one simple item, a ‘voucher’. Say I complete some mini game on a Creative World, I get a voucher that I can take back to the normal universe. There I can exchange it at a special shop stand that accepts that voucher as a form of payment.
That way it is fun for everyone to visit those planets and we can’t abuse it by taking things back since the items you get with the voucher are in the main universe.

Anyway, I am not too creative, I might want to make a dungeon but it won’t be great, but I sure can code, so the Lua script I make for my un-fun dungeon can be of use for a creative person who can not code. Then we DO need a place where we can share those…