Adding recipe materials to the hud (like the achievement log)


When crafting I often have to run back to my storage containers to find the materials I need,
It’ll be lovely if we could have a button on the crafting screen which allows us to display the required quantity of materials on the GUI much like how the achievement log works.

This would save many wasted hours running back and forth due to forgetting quantities. :slight_smile:


In Staxel you can ‘pin’ your recipe to the front of the screen which is very handy while running around collecting up your ingredients. (What!? Someone admitted to playing Staxel?!) What’s annoying is the way it stays once the recipe is started/created and blocks your view… (You have to go into a menu and unpin it)
Perhaps a pinned list that disappears as you drag the ingredients into your inventory, just like Journal feats already do?? :thinking:


This right here is an idea I can get behind.


I agree with this idea :heart_eyes:


Plus one!!