[ADMIN] Ongoing server world migration! 🌍

Hey Everyone.

A quick announcement that we’ve enabled a system that will gradually compact the servers running all the private worlds.

When worlds expire and they’re taken offline it leaves a gap for another world to fill. We will normally spawn new private worlds into these slots. But sometimes if there are many gaps it’s more efficient to move the remaining active worlds onto other servers to fill their gaps. (This is the Boundless version of defragging the entire universe.) The process of moving a world only takes a couple of minutes. It will only decide to move a world if it is currently empty. But it is possible that you could join a world just as the process commences, or you want to join the world whilst it is being moved. If this happens you’ll get kicked back into the sanctum.

Ideally this will all happen silently in the background. So maybe you’ll never see it happening.


More optimisation is always good ! Hell yeah xD



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