Would you describe yourself as “Boundless Rich”?

Are you the type of person who likes to “give back to the community”, when the community consists of just me and I never actually gave you anything?

Do you have shelves and shelves of materials that don’t do anything except mess with your OCD?

If you’re any of these people, I have something for you!

Massive tower soon to be going up on Norkyna - a true monument for the ages. 6 x 6 x 20 plots, with the occasional outlying structure. I’ve begun prototyping segments of the tower in my little workstation in The Ancient Gate on Biitula (easier to one-shot blocks, easier not to get eaten), but the full-scale project will begin shortly. A separate thread will contain progress updates in screenshots.

If you’d like to contribute to this massive undertaking, please feel free to contact me here, privately, or in-game as Ingvar. The following is a list of materials that will be used in the project:

  • Sedimentary Bricks (Silk Turquoise)
  • Any Brick Ingredients Except Stones (Compact Clay, Ash, Mud, Coal for Spark)
  • Raw Gleam (Cold Teal)
  • Ancient Corruption
  • Dark Glass
  • Sand (for cheap scaffolding, any mismatched colors OK)
  • Gold, Silver & Titanium Chisels (in that order of necessity)

Every little bit counts!.. But a big bit will get your name engraved on the side of the tower.

Any questions? Feel free to reach me in all of the same places I just mentioned.


I can help you with more chisels.
Check your shelves in 30 mins. :wink:




lol i have dark glass laying around
if ya can catch me i go look in my storage explosion :smile: