Adv. Power Coils

Can someone point me in the right direction on where to go to get advanced power coils from someone’s shop. I am not going to spend hours running around for absolutely no reason cause there’s zero directions in all the places I’ve been.

Even if it’s to your shop, I’d like to be able to find a location that sells them for under 2k each.

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Depends what ones you’re looking for. I know The Golden Fist just restocked with some low prices on a number of coils (minus centraforge and mixer ones) under 1500c. You can get there from the Grovidas Te Ps Hub, Ultima Hub Shop Portals, or a number of other places I can’t remember off the top of my head. I think TNT hub too.

They had just restocked a good amount of them last night.

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@Vansten did you have a batch running?

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I went ahead and picked some up at Golden Fist since I really don’t feel like waiting for other responses.

This is why we need a better way to find out where stuff is in the game. I could have looked all day long and still not found that shop.

Btw, thanks.

No problem! The shop is currently undergoing renovations so if you end up needing any tools anytime soon, that’ll be a great place to go too.

Glad I could help!

Also, for mixer coils/ centraforge coils I know the Coil King had some but he was all out of EVERYTHING last time I went by there since he’s lowered his prices. His stock count just isn’t high enough.


There’s an auction going on right now for coils too i think kits of 24. Its in the top handful of trade posts…

You should really check out this website. You can search for what you want to buy or sell, it tells you who is selling what for how much and where they are, awesome tool made by Simoyd. 6

Simoyd linked it above but I figured I’d add a description

Yeah I was able to find a shop that sells them for 1500c. I picked up the ones I needed to get me started. I’ll probably revisit that location for other adv power coils too.

Thanks everyone for helping out.