Advanced lock permissions

So alts can’t remove advanced locks beacons they don’t own. Not mine anyway, lol. I accidentally placed one then immediately tried to remove it and couldn’t. Alt has full perms in that build. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

They don’t have perms on the lock itself so yes.

At least I think yes lol

Normal locks follow rules of the beacon. Advanced locks follow rules of the beacon and lock itself. So guild controlled beacon will only allow adv locks to have perms for guild mates but still has to be set in the lock in order for them to do anything with the lock or blocks it’s attached to. Normal beacon or guild aligned will allow the lock to be set to friends and guild mates but again the lock has to have perms set on it as well in order for a character that’s not the owner to make any changes to it

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Ohhhh… That makes sense, lol. Thanks!
It’d be nice if the character that placed the lock automatically had permissions on it though.

is that why I see shop stands with advanced locks on them? So that only guild members have access?

That or it’s a shop stand for one of their friends.