Advanced Locks On New Large Storage Boxes

Can we get a clarification on how Advanced Locks work on the new storage boxes?

On the normal old storage they covered a 5x5 block of storages. On the new storage (Ornate Wood Box tested) the Advanced Locks cover a Cross Pattern of 1 storage above/below and 1 storage left/right. Creating a Plus Sign.

Is this the way it is supposed to be or can we get it fixed so it covers the same storage design as in the original storage units please?


It should work in the same way as the original storage items, but doesn’t seem to exhibit the same kind of behaviour. I’ve added this to the database.

Correction: It’s working as expected. Locks protect the entities adjoining the block the lock is attached to. The only exception is the open storage (shelves) which can be accessed and also protected as a group. Closed storage can not be accessed as a group and hence isn’t protected as a group.


Well this is a bummer.

Now we have to put in more feature suggestions for an “improved” advanced lock so that people have AOE based advanced perms or just some time taken to revamp all permissions for beacons and guilds and factions.

I’m actually ok with how they work on the new closed storage, it helped to compact my post office a lot!

I’ve already come across an instance where I would have liked it that it covered a bigger area.

Since vdragon said that because the open storage blocks are grouped together because they can be accessed as a group, perhaps a way of grouping closed storage as one entity could be added?

This could be done by an additional craftable item, or actually perhaps a ‘grouped advanced lock’ where you can, with a regular chisel, select and deselect blocks that are part of the group by simply hitting them.

Yes, you can do things with a little creativity and the help and inspiration of the community.
Front view, interior lock:

Rear view, locks for closed stone boxes:

Thanks for that again, @AeneaGames

The pity, it is all the building blocks that I have broken by mistake while playing with the system to test different configurations … How good a blockage would be for these cases! xD

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The “grouping” is very likely the UI that is shown when you look at storage. The large storage is already grouped in the “inventory ui” so they would have to redo that area and honestly it is one of the worst things for them to touch because of how it is done.

At the end of the day it hurts those that want many storage put together like we used to do with open storage. I would assume any manual grouping just would require another layer of technology because we don’t have “selection” options where you can pick and choose blocks to do stuff to that don’t connect…

A better permissions beacon option would be best or what @anon427297 posted I guess for now.