Advanced Plotter

I would love to have a plotter I could craft that would do one of the following things or be able to toggle the following options:

1 - Plot the selected plot and all plots below it in the column
2 - Plot the selected plot and all plots above it in the column
3 - Plot the selected plot and all plots above and below it in the column

I don’t mind it being difficult to quickly plot large areas (as that discourages huge sprawl which seems to frustrate people), but since when I plot a single plot it reserves above/below, it would be nice to just plot it all at once vs digging /building to click all the plots.


Do you mean like… you plot one height and dept. and the second plotter adjust to that ? not sure if many want to plot 32 plots instantly. maybe have different height plotters?
5- 10 -15 ?

They can add as many extra as they want. On a basic level, if I could just use the plotter and point at a plot and plot all the way down, all the way up or all the way up and down with that one plotter it would be a very nice feature.


It would be nice to have a keybind for when you are pointing at a plot to hit plot above/below


Advanced plotting options = big yes pls

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