Advice on game crashing

I saw something odd with a new guild member today, running around a T1 permanent world, one area continually made their game crash. The area wasn’t plotted, with no builds for quite a distance, and there were maybe 4 or 5 people on the planet. After they tried to enter the area three or four times, the game then crashed on them in the sanctum. I advised them to send a ticket to the support email, which I believe they have done - but I’ve not heard of a region causing the game to crash - has anyone else? If so, do you remember what you did to be able to access the game again?

PC or Playstation player ?

I did have a few crashes where I try to go to sanctum and while I know I am in sanctum I can still see the entire world.
I can only force the game to shutdown and restart Boundless.

i like to know the location so i can see if i can reproduce it.
the only solution is just to close the game fully and restart it

i have experienced it more than once myself

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He says the game is crashing as soon as he tries to log in, but I am unsure if he uses PS or PC, but I’ve linked him to this post :slight_smile:

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if hes on pc he can try to verify the files on steam, by right cliking boundless on steam and then properties

I’m the player having problem i’m on PC. I verify game files even reinstalled game only crashed going near the farm or through the portal (Clay farm wip). Now the game crashes 6 sec in The Sanctum when the portal open


Welcome! And sorry to hear you’re having issues, can you login a alt character just fine?

Don’t have a alt.

can my portal exit be reset?

You could try bumping the warp on the exit portal. Or open up the second portal to your base. I don’t know if 6 seconds is enough time to do either, though.

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Maybe buy quick a character token and make a new alt? send an email i would say

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yes, the support email was the first port of call. I was asking here because I’d never seen that before

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What planet was this on? I remember exploring planets on my PlayStation and it got super laggy in a region with no buildings, plotted areas, or anyone around.

It was on Storis II

I am in contact with him on Discord and so far the problem does not seem to persist.

If he gets more problems then I will try to help him and if solved I will write the solution here so others can learn from that or even solve their own problem if they have the same.

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Thank you, it was such a weird problem

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No problem @Eneitgranny. I will help wherever I can ! :slight_smile:

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That sounds unusual. I encountered a similar issue once. Clearing cache or reinstalling helped, but support’s your best bet.

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Similar issue occurred; contacting support helped. Reinstalling or adjusting settings might resolve access problems after unusual crashes in specific areas.

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