[advice req] Hunter Build Level 37

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Hiya, me again, the man of many questions, and low intellect. :crazy_face:

So I have this character right now, that I’d like to respec for the hunt tonight.

I know that I’ll need to put 3 in each of the resistances, so after that, where do I go to maximise this build? Also, I’m thinking (since I’m a newbie) I’ll likely be staying a bit on the edges, and try to just heal folks, so I’ve kitted up accordingly for that, but I do have bows, etc. :slight_smile:

I have got a brand new alt, but I doubt I can level them to a usable standard in time. :wink:

PC player.

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There’s nothing wrong with asking Qs…everyone was a noob once. :blush:


You will actually need 4 points in each resistance (GTG marathon hunt will be on T6 worlds, T6 = 4, T5 = 3). I actually spend 6 points into the resists (4/1/1) and then float around the 3 points to which ever skill needs it for my hunter. That obviously might be a bit expensive to do for the GTG hunt (would be up to 24 cleanse points).

My advice for tonight would be…

  • Take your alt and go do this. You can turn your alt into your miner/crafter until you get some more skill pages.
  • Get some cleanse points and dedicate your current skill character to hunting. Get rid of portal epic, volume crafting, chisel, hammer, all of the crafting stuff. Swap impulse to kinetic armor (impulse only protects from AoE attacks, like spitter bombs, and those are a lot easier to dodge then kinetic attacks, kinetic is a must, impulse is optional).
  • Checkout this video for some other skills you should take instead.

Personally, this is my hunter build: https://boundlessskill.com/index?b=4ZUKKZ92TJP7837F736Z

As I said, I usually shift around my protections based on the world the hunt is on.

EDIT: Also go to TNT Till and buy one of @AlexxChristo’s awesome Explorer Fists (2kc)! Those are a life saver and double as loot/glow stick.


Personally I haven’t noticed much of a difference while using those, I always opted for more health instead. The biggest source of damage from high tier planets for me is always fall damage after being struck by a wildstock.

Absolutely!! Most public hunts have overkill firepower. Stick to the edges, and shoot what you can. Make sure to have a loot stick, usually chisels or spanners that have the auto-collect forge effect. It makes gathering the corpses and meteors much easier.

Go and get you a free 20 levels from @HOST!!


Thanks, folks.

Looking at the build(s) above now to respec this character. Respecing (?) this character to hunter was the intention (but I’d prefer this more advanced character to be my crafter. ANYWAY … hehehehe … For now it needs to serve a purpose.

I’ll look at the above, and sort it.

(oh, and aye, thanks for the future tip … I did it on this one, and am going to take a friend through it when I can)

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I think if you play it safe on the hunt, you can get away with just moving points onto the atmosphere protections. Just be prepared to die and patiently wait for rez (or acquire some revive brews)

You can probably use your new character for the hunt tonight if you would rather do that. You should get to level ~24 from The Future world. Then you should easily get another 5-10 levels from the hunt depending on how long you want to stick around. By the end of the night, your alt could be higher level then your original character.

Also, GTG did confirm they will be grouping the planets together based on atmosphere. So you will only need a max of 12 cleanse points for the whole night.

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@MadManMoon don’t be too concerned about how much you contribute in terms of damage or how many deaths you have along the journey, all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the event with a bunch of fun people while collecting a load of experience and loot on the way. The only requirement will be that you have the necessary atmospheric protection skills for the planets, other than that just do as you please with your skills in my opinion.

Even if you spend 90% of the hunt as a corpse you will still receive the same amount of loot and experience from completing the meteor and no one will even think twice about reviving you whenever they stumble upon your lifeless body (in fact there’s even an achievement to be earned from reviving other citizens).

One thing that may concern you though… is that some people may inadvertently (accidentally) perform dance emotes on corpses, often repeatedly, before applying said revive, but as long as you can handle some momentary disrespect from fellow hunters then you have nothing at all to worry about! My poor wildstock beaten corpse has become a dance floor for 5-10 Oortians on many occasions during hunts. :dancer: @DeViLiShBeCkS @NickkThatsGood @ basically the entire GTG guild at one point I believe :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: no comment


Well, I mean, if that’s not a challenge I don’t know what is.

Can I become the most danced upon member of society?

100 survey said?!?!

This screenshot has a special place in my heart


Sigh… I suppose not the most compromising screenshot of me in existence, but still… show some respect people!!! :tired_face:


Yeah, we won’t talk about the situation I met you in… :joy::joy:


Hehehe … OK … I’m going to pile all of the advice in this column in to my new alt, and respec this character BACK to a builder / crafter.


Thanks again, y’all! :thumbsupall:

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