Aero Incorporated (short story)

Aero Incorporated

A short story about the previous inhabitants of the known worlds.

“Aero Incorporated, It’s a dream! It’s a business!” shouted Kai as a meteor crashed outside. Moonx, who was filming the commercial, facepalmed after a meteor hit near the filming station for the 5th time in a row. “TITANS!!!”, Moonx shouted angrily and shot the wall with her oortstone slingbow, trying to let out the rage. “Meteors have been striking awfully often in the past few days; that titan keeps flinging them at us!” exclaimed the CEO of Aero incorporated. After a few talks about the meteorites striking Alder and just ruining the company, they decided to set up a task force to defeat the titan. When the CEO put up posters about a task force to take down that titan for the good of Alder, people immediately noticed and wanted to help. People were supplied with Ignite slingbows (a mineral that doesn’t exist today) to help with the war effort. The titan was floating over Mare Abbotick, a very close region to the great city of Gyro City. Gyro city was filled with skyscrapers, monuments, and buildings built by skilled builders. The group was to regroup at the Gyro Monument, A place in the fictional city that’d be a beacon of hope for the universe (and frowned upon today as it was a silk yellow gleam tower). Once the entirety of the unskilled fighters went to the monument, they would start their advance on the Abbotick bridge where the titan flew above. They were armed with grapples, slingbows, and anything needed to defeat a titan. They finally arrived on Abbotick bridge, where the titan flew above. Upon arrival, a meteorite destroyed a large segment of the bridge, but it wasn’t a problem as grapples existed at the time. They grappled across the 32 meters of lost bridge, a minor setback for sure but not really defeating. The titan used lighting from its core to control the oortians’ advance, and 5 of them fell into the mare and were defeated. 2 of the elite, actually skilled warriors of the ragtag militia started firing and grappling onto the titan, having to dodge the lightning bolts emanating from the beast’s core. The beast was finally defeated after the titan’s meteor destroyed its own shield and the ragtag militia opened fire on the titan. The final blow was one of the skilled warriors drilling a hole (repeatedly smacking the core with a fist) and finally taking the titan down. After the titan fell, it levitated into space, never to be seen again. The titan’s hands were scattered throughout the planet and used as gleam sources for the people today. Sasquatchville stands where Gyro City once stood. After the titan’s defeat, Aero Incorporated started a business section where they’d hunt titans for parts. Eventually leading to titans fleeing the known worlds and leaving the universe a better place. Aero incorporated became the richest company ever seen in the universe (They got 180 trillion coin over the business’s lifetime). They finally got to make their commercial, and that’s the end of the story :smiley: .