Aesthetic mechanic block idea

So I was thinking about an idea where you could add to a single inventory space this particular block has, place a block in front of its activation space(opposite to where you click to place it) and once activated it swaps out the block in its inventory space with the one in front of it.

The idea is to have a function like day and night for a room, you could layer the entire room with them, have it looking all spiffy and beautiful, and then when you’re done and want to leave it, you could activate the blocks and now it just looks like a cave or maybe turns into a skating rink.


That’s a really cool idea, you could change the colour of your rooms! Excellent.

I also just thought about something that seems maybe a bit unfeasible. But what if there was a block which could imitate the sky at a certain time, so you line your ceiling with gleams to set the time, each one(providing they put in another 7 ;)) would be an hour and then place this block and it gives you an artificial sky! (I only bring this up because I’m a burrower by nature(Due to griefing and the love for secrecy) and often find myself thinking: “Wouldn’t it be nice to see the sky without actually needing to?”) This also ties into my original idea because you could have the swapper behind them with the preset gleam for day as well :smiley:

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I usually build down too, a block that could change colour, give off light, look like the sky, would be brilliant, even if it was always the same ‘bit’ of sky.

Well for the sky-block concept, I had it based off the idea that we can currently hold Ctrl and hit any of the numbers from 0-9 and change the day, so they would still be static times, but would dynamically represent the sky of the world as well(Which is why this might not be feasible, because I feel that could cause some frame issues to players in some way).

Edit: Changed “idea” to “concept” I don’t like having the same word twice in rapid succession.
Also added a period after the parenthesis.

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