AFK status text AFK message for being inactive

afk, (away from keyboard) text so you could pick for example, having dinner, or away to the shop, or busy in real

just so people see that you are afk, and this will show above your head.

or type /afk to be afk?

or have a auto generated (away) message show on top of player heads when there is no controller/keyboard input for lets say 5 minutes?

i got many times i’m making dinner or away for a bit and people start talking to me or ask questions and i feel being rude.


Happens to me all the time too. I’ll get back and see a bunch of waves and salutes in world chat

IMO /sit is enough to indicate afk. I’ll wave to someone who’s sitting, because they’ll see it later, but I don’t wait around for a reply.

If you see me sitting on top of my build, I’m afk.


I have a spot labeled “afk” at my build

I let my character sit there to receive messages while I read books, watch tv etc. that way I don’t have to deal with buggy PMs quite so much.

Is it just me or is PMs even worse than before?