After Gleambow event (for devs)


Boundless has one of the most beautiful spectrum of colors I have ever seen in a voxel game. As an artist I whole heartedly love that and appreciate the time and effort put in to it; from the range of colors and materials all the way to the names. When dripstone farming was mentioned by @james I really got my hopes up. This event serving us so many more colors as a preview only strengthened that resolve for me. The feeling to suppress that spectrum so that we can use a literal crafting material as a “showpiece” is somewhat daft in my opinion.

I don’t believe this dripstone farming is going to be as straightforward and simple as people are already assuming it will be. In all honesty, I hope it isn’t. I hope it’s nasty, hard work. I hope it’s time consuming and complicated to master. This would allow unnatural colors to remain much rarer than, say, regen bombing a natural gleam crystal on a planet… …but still obtainable IF you’re willing to put the work in to it. Let’s just give it a little time and see how everything unfolds? Not gonna stop me from chasing those gleambows and amassing my horde ‘til then!

On the other hand, as a huge collector I also wholeheartedly understand the feeling of coveting a ‘rare item’ and the need for that somewhere along the line in some form. I also agree that some items do need to be more scarce and valuable than others. I just don’t think event exclusive, base building block materials are the way to go with that. Save seasonal decorations, crafting materials and outfits for that for now until something new comes down the pipe… Mounts, mini pets, equips… SOMETHING, just not my gleam… please? :joy::weary:

Just my perspective.


Hmm, yes that makes sense to me. I think it’s valuable to have more than just decos as a scarce building material. The economic interest generated by this event is an example of what constraining blocks could bring to the table.

What if we split the blocks so that some are readily available for full artistic creativity and others are restricted for gameplay? If all stone and wood blocks were available in all tints (for those who put in the work farming or chiseling) would that be enough to overcome the artistic restriction you’re feeling? Are there other blocks that should be included?

I think Gleam is a very special block. It’s the brightest non-deco light source and used in a ton of deco recipes to add color. I would prefer it be restricted because it accents its existing value so well. But I agree that that logic shouldn’t apply to every block type in the game.


I agree, it is a very special block. It’s also my favorite kind of block. The fact that it is indeed used for many accents and decorations is exactly why I don’t think it should be restricted. Limited, yes. Hard to obtain, of course! Hell, make it a stomach turning, migraine inducing mess of a process to mass produce unnatural colors. All the more reason to work for and covet what you have. Seriously tho, never restricted… Current event excluded, It’s pretty much restricted right now, after all. :wink:

A guy can dream, can’t he? Here’s to the future of Boundless.:clinking_glasses:


Yeah not intending on mass building with them either. Just want to use them for special decoration around the house :grin:.


I personally, hope we get the ability to have these colours eventually without the need of events like these, mostly because people often want a lot of certain items.

For example, If we can have 100’s of black gleam eventually, wouldn’t that outweigh the disappointment of the here and now with the event? Getting these materials in mass is going to affect far more people in a positive way than the here and now, where the ones who are good at getting these meteors come out on top.

So I honestly really hope farming opens up at least some of these colours. If you are enjoying the event for what it is than great, but if you are enjoying the event because you have the more different types of gleam than more other people and can profit off it?.. that kind of falls into the same category as becoming obsessed with prestige wars in my opinion. It’s a game. We should enjoy it, otherwise why play it?


As said i like collecting. Im a collector. I dont gather these coins in mind


My impression of the dripstone farming is that you would have a plant that absorbs color from a planet’s atmosphere. Then maybe (a big maybe) you could transplant this to another planet and start mixing colors in an RGB fashion. I expect this to be quite a lot of work. So the way I’m looking at it is that this event gives me a palette of colors to see how they look (on the actual block), before I choose to go through all the effort to create a dye for a particular color.

I do hope that some blocks remain rare, and even if you can dye them, that it takes a lot of effort to do so. It’s nice to have some valuable items in the game besides feathers.


dont ya get them fast now maybe dyes will require rare ingredients
wich give the base color atm you dont need that stuff and can just grab all colors
but i dunno :smile:


And it’s great that you like collecting, but why should that hamper another’s ability to acquire the same items for their build after this event? A lot of these items right now will be limited in quantity after this event, if a builder’s even able to get them at all.

I can tell you straight up that if I knew none of these colours would be available again I would probably leave the game (well probably not that extreme but still lol) as the future builds I want to make in the game would likely never happen, at least not the extent that I wanted. This is a game about building and the more freedom we have the better.

There are plenty of other items I’m sure you’ll be able to collect without hampering another’s ability in the game. :wink:


From what I understand:

  1. Exo planets will be used to test a variety of things - color release, new blocks/rare items, new planet looks, etc. Look at it as a way for the devs to release stuff but not make it permanent incase balance or changes need to result from it. Also to give us planets without them having a lot more costs in upkeep.

  2. Dye sytem (based on what I understand) for farming will require multiple passes and be more of an end game/higher level type thing. It won’t be an easy thing from at least what I understood. But, when I heard about things there was much development to do, so things likely could have changed.

  3. Events are just a way to give more content while larger content is being worked on.


Therefor I feel we might be able to use any current block’s colour as a start to create a dye!

And I think we are able to modify it and get colours that way that we can not get with the gleambow event.

(think of the same 1 to 255 colours, but diferent brightness, saturation, etc if you look at the google sheet with the colour index you see there are already 2 columns, 1 for normal blocks with their RGB values, 1 for the gleam equivelant of the ‘same colour’, more like that is what I’m thinking! also gets around to only having 255 colours as a max!)


There are two main different thoughts I have about this. 1- They’re so pretty I want the colors to be more abundant.
2. The rarity of them is good.

I hope they make the gleam only available on exoplanets, that way if you missed the events you can still get the gleam, but there’s no chance of gleam farms or anything.


You don’t build much, do ya? :roll_eyes:


Lol, I love building. I wish that’s all I could do in this game (minus maybe some random crafting/cooking).

I was just imagining that the exoplanets should be littered with the gleam. This would still keep it rare, but obtainable.

Otherwise we’d get what we have now where gleam has gone down in value in terms of coin as well as prestige. (Though I’d still use it in building because it’s beautiful and has such a nice glow).


Nothing a few regen bombs wont fix :smiling_imp:


Lol, you ain’t wrong about that. I’m not against it. I want to match some gleam to the color of the machines haha. So get those gleam for us haha.


That’s fangtastic! My bad for assuming; I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. :bat:


Well only temporarily a “gleam farm” if a group of people wanted to find the best spot to farm gleam on the exo planets they could sell location tokens and their time to keep the area safe from mobs while someone farms it since natural blocks can still regen. Just the ores/gem won’t regen


Dev A: uh oh, someone accidently hit the ‘5x loot’ button before this planet spawned! What do we do?

Dev B: roll with it and pretend it was an intentional extra special planet. It’ll go away soon and fix itself.



Having stone/wood available would be pretty nice. If gleam is to be excluded completely, I’d think dyeing gravel, bushes, etc should be on the table. Still, I’ll be disappointed if gleam is unavailable. Doesn’t have to be every type, shadow gleam for example seems fairly special, I’m sure there are others. But I’d like a good baseline of colours and tints (not just pastels) that we can craft. I realize now if dyeing gleam becomes a thing it’ll be pricey- but I’d far rather that than not being able to make it at all.

Ultimately it’d be nice to know more before it happens, get the disappointment (if any) out of the way so that when farming actually comes, I’ll enjoy it for what it is rather than what I thought it would be.