After Gleambow event (for devs)


Ive been hearing this and that about upcoming Farming update having dye system.

What i wanna ask is this

-> Will we be able to access different color gleams after this event ends via Farming dye system?

I give my 2 cents on this subject.

The idea of this gleambow event is good!!
Im loving it and been enjoying.

After i kept hearing tough that you could possibly get these gleams and such via dye system…
i felt like i wanna quit doing the event(no seriously i was on that point).

Why i like about this event is cause theres colours that havent been available for us and i think that is really good, But if this dye system comes and you will be able to get the colour you want for gleam speficifly i dont see whats is the point of this event!
All i have done past few days is to hunt gleambows cause i like collecting…but the fact that if stuff is available for all in a month… why i even would bother?

There has been request about rarer items for the game and i think this could be really good start.

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Good questions…
Me, I am excited for the exoplanets!


It would be great to hear more specifics about the planned dyes, both to know more and just to temper expectations.

The last few days have shown me how cool the colour system is, and how many we’re missing access to. Now that I have had a taste, I do want the whole thing. A dye system where we have the full palette open would make little hearts pop out of my eyes. And while I expect there to be some cost, I’ll be disappointed if it’s more like making mosaic than decorative stone (in terms of materials used).

Edit: Also for gleam specifically, we were able to get what, 40? colours before and now it’s over 200. It may be fine to keep a few colours for this event specifically, but certainly not that many?


I have a feeling with the dye system it will require a piece of something in the desired colour. So the colour you want will have to exist already somewhere.
This is fully speculation tho heh


That’s exactly what I was thinking too


I do not think it will work that way

Quoted from the roadmap
Dripstone farming - cultivate your own dyes by farming throughout the known worlds. Each world atmosphere will mutate your crop’s tint and with skill and perseverance you’ll open up the full spectrum of building materials.

It sounds like you do not extract colors but you grow them from some base seed maybe and then change the color based on where you grow them. The skill and perseverance part make me think it will be like mosaics and marble.


I just told someone else that Exo Worlds will also have limited availability of colours. So we then have 2 sources of colour blocks that won’t be available always.

Dye system is included with farming.

What if 1 block is needed to grow enough plants we can make a dye out of for say 36 blocks.
Then we can repeat that 36 times to create 36 x 36 = 1296 blocks of the desired colour!

And knowing how this game works, the growing of plants will take at least 1 day perhaps more and will need our constant attention. Then the making of the dye from the plant might mean several crafts on several machines taking up half a day if not longer, etc., etc.

It will still be worthwhile to grab the actual colour blocks if they are there on some planets and it also means not everyone will be able to quickly have oodles of the same colours.

Also there are 255 colours total, no one will ever have enough space to grow plants with dyes of all those colours in such quantities to be selling/using massive amounts of blocks of the same colour…

And don’t forget, you have the dye then perhaps but not yet the block in that colour. I suspect we can see dye shops pop up!


Yea you’re probably closer to correct heh.

It will be interesting to see how this all works.


I agree it will be. . maybe we will get more details soon. I think the interesting part will be the relationship of what I grow to what I can dye (can one dye plant dye 40 or 400 blocks) and if I grow a plant with the color blue dye I want, do I get seeds to grow more plants and also dyes for blocks or only dyes or dye or a seed but not both.


My exact same thoughts. Why bother collecting the unique colors now if everything will become available soon. Kinda beats the purpose of having a special event.


Yeah I really like collecting all of the different colors, but it’s not like I can really do much with them. I did the event last night for probably around 5 hours and collected a bunch of stuff but I’m still only left with like 5 pieces of each color. Considering most of my builds use hundreds or even thousands of a specific color, having 5 pieces of one color doesn’t really help me.

The one thing that this event did make me realize though, is that I need to build a new base with a much larger storage setup. If I want all of my colors of each block type to be visible, it’s going to take a lot more storage blocks.


Thats why im making this post. Theres no reason to gather those lets just say gleams if month later everyone has them and they are not that special as showpiece.

I dont ask like 2k amount of blue gleam. I just want few if i wanna use them for a special pieces.


I’m also worried about this in general with dripstone farming. Restricting block colors will create endless opportunities for rare blocks that are fun to collect and valuable to trade. That gets blown out of the water if we can make any block in any color.

We will have to wait and see how it’s implemented. Changer chisels already provide us a way to create blocks in unnatural colors but that hasn’t ruined rarity. Maybe dripstone farming will be the same.


I have to disagree with that. How it hasnt ruined it?
If there is same coloured wood
example in tier 3 as the current ancient trunk you are after thats found from tier6 and its found from trees that have 2 pieces of that…
I wonder where you go farm it.


Does this example exist? Because if it actually doesn’t then it hasn’t actually ruined anything yet. But I don’t use wood so I wouldn’t even know.


As i was saying “if”.
Thats just matter of time when newer planets roll out though. Hopefully not.


Changer chisel is really tedious to use so I think that’s the only thing preventing it from becoming dominant. I converted like 200 stones one time and it was not fun at all. If we got AoE changer chisel I’m right there with you claiming they undermine other game systems


There are people who do use it a lot. For example I’m going to be buying a ss of cold berry marble. That needs the stone type changed.


:scream: That sounds like a nightmare lol. Ok I’m fully with Buugi now.


Don’t forget about all the bricks people type change too

I’m very guilty of doing the brick a lot. I only really like the one type.