Goo - I feel bamboozled

The seed % could be raised to 110%. This would allow people to actually run ligament spray stores. Once you have the color you want there is no way to make more other than starting the long process all over again.

Which means when the rare colors people want are made one spray may cost 50k. Come on.


Even upping the seed max to 105% would give people more of a chance to actually mutate goos rather safely, and given that most desirable colors are some derivative of a base color, it’s REALLY hard to mutate currently due to scarcity. Maybe that’s all we’re feeling here?


I’d rather have larger yield than spray more blocks, as a larger yield allows for more mixed colours to be made. I also dont have every colour gleam, but in theory with a large enough stockpile of RGB + white + black pigment I can make any colour i want?

On the topic then, could we thin out the pigment by mixing in some ink?

It was raining when I found out there would be no gleam tinting. That was for the best, as no one could see my tears.

Seriously though, feels like a missed opportunity. I very much hope it is something still up in the air and maybe the devs will come around. Devs, will you come around? :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering the fact that gleam affects goo mutation, we might have to look toward a different solution for gleam tinting. A new machine, or material that can affect the colors of the different gleams? Maybe?

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Soo… I have not yet attempted anything in this, but here are a few of my thoughts.

Gleam Color - Some of the colors only available in the Gleambow event have come out in exo planets. The idea is that you are not able to magically obtain every single option available from the get-go, or many would already have everything and all things new would have been experienced within the first couple of days. I am sure eventually ever single gleam color option will come with exos. I also think bringing up the expectation at the time of the gleambow event that “the atmosphere would affect the mutation” is moot. Anything in testing should be expected to change based on what does and does not work as development goes on.

How can the darker colors not be used? I think you should be able to use lighter colors as lighting. Correct me if I am mistaken, but the color being affected is based on what gleam it is planted in, not what color of light is within range? Though re-reading OP, maybe it is meant that the darker color it would make the goo darker colored is unusable?

Again, I have not felt the effect of making spray cans personally, so I cannot speak from experience, but from what I read it would make sense to have a spray can able to spray more than one block and done.


I believe the OP meant that within the context of building. Darker colours emit less light now than they did before, so they don’t work as well on some builds where they previously may have been more than enough to light up a specific location in a certain way.

Edit: And I personally think that having a variance in brightness of gleam is a good thing, creatively speaking; the issue is that you can’t necessarily have the same hue of tint in all brightnesses currently, so you can’t adjust the brightness willy-nilly within the same hue.

As an example, I have Dark Mustard gleam, but I have no Bright Mustard, which can be annoying if I wanted to light up an area using a Mustard type gleam that was brighter.

Correct, in my case silk teal used to light my build up very nicely. Now it looks very dim. I’m likely going to have to change out thousands and thousands of gleam

Yeah makes more sense now :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is a big miss that soil, foliage and other assets are not allowed beyond wood/rock.

The information I was given in regards to gleam (not direct word for word quote but a good representation) - Gleam was not allowed because it was defined and treated as a special item by the player base. So it became attributed to rare and super unique and special. Due to this gleam was selected as a non-paintable resource because if you could do that then gleam uniqueness would disappear.

Ugh. If that’s the reasoning, it really would have been nice to have an in-game (and possibly email) poll to see how many really feel that way.


I just hope that game gets player tailoring or other new uses players don’t know yet, that could tell why paints are limited way those are.

That was basically it but I would never try to quote directly or give the perception that it was the full intent or reasoning since it is a whole team behind. All I do know is it makes sense since Gleambow and gleam has always been one of the most prized items. I support the decision and am on the fence on if it should be that way or not. People want rare stuff in this game for a variety of reasons so why shouldn’t gleam be that too… even if we all like it.

If people really do want more common gleam and stuff they just need to share their views and show how it hurts us more than helps us and they could influence change.

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It’s been awhile but I don’t think the threads back then were strictly people wanting this, though surely some did. Didn’t a bunch of people speak out back then(certainly a few are now, in this thread)? I know a lot of the conversation was around how difficult it would be to dye/tint the gleam, but with the assumption that it would be possible. It can be possible without being common, right? No doubt the system/process would need to be altered, but that’s fine.

Anyway I appreciate the post, hadn’t really seen a reason why this was the case.

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After a lot of careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that gleam is indeed special and should be treated as such. I pitched an idea to @james prior to the farming release concerning this. I thought of introducing a system called “Gleam Synthesis”. This would basically allow players to grow/multiply gleam utilizing a new machine. This would also allow the option of adding goo pigment for potentially mutating the colour gleam grown. To help balance rarity, gleam could only be grown in small batches over a period of time. I hope something like this can be considered a viable solution in the future.

This is a hard subject for me, so I’ve tried to refrain from diving into it again. I’m just gonna leave this here…


Well… i stopped playing because of all the duplicate gleam colours… then the exos started bringing even more duplicate colours.

All this extreme rarity stuff REALLY turns me off.
I will never farm goo. And very unlikely that i fam anything else… =/
All i wanted was some cool gleam colours.

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I personally don’t want gleam tinting. I like hunting for it and it being a cool rare thing people have.

I have been goo farming and I have had mixed feelings.

I don’t get the impression that goo is to “repaint a whole base”. It seems like a tint mechanic that can help make interesting color accents to enhance a build or change individual sections.

The player base wants all colors so tinting seemed like a way we would get that. But I don’t think it was designed to be a base changer so much as limited access to all colors.

Also, it seems to heavily rely on trading and buy/selling. It is the only crop that you may have to buy stuff to meet your needs with it. I.e. I want 3k spray cans of a color but need more pigment then I initially collected.

I am not worried though…small changes can happen. I am slowly getting more and more pigment which I can mix and use as needed.

So a barbie doll sized spray can instead, is what the loading screen needs =) Squeeze between two toothpicks.

I find it interesting that when the lighting change was made a lot of players suggested those with dark builds should just use the pigments to repaint their builds. Not as practical a solution as those players made it out to be is it?


I can understand the appeal of that. Personally I don’t mind it for a while too, but for colours that I like, such as ones found in Exos, I feel like it becomes a chore to go after it. I can’t go after it when and as I please, since the Exo won’t be around forever.

Though I couldn’t even participate in the Gleambow event since I was taking a break at that time…

For myself, being able to tint gleam wouldn’t stop me from gathering existing gleam, in the same way that the ability to tint rock hasn’t stopped me, and won’t be stopping me from gathering specific rock colours that already exist.

In all honesty, I don’t find any special appeal in mining the same gleam for half an hour either, just so I know for certain that I have enough spare to use in the near future and to give to any friends that might want/need it.

In any case, what I hoped from the tinting system was to avoid this:

This chunk of refined rock blocks is what I have to type-change from sedimentary->metamorphic->igneous to get the same mosaic visible in the screenshot.

I’ve made thousands of this mosaic so far. It’s not fun at all to type change that much refined rock, and I hoped I’d be able to just spray igneous rock with luminous red sprays as alternative to this process… But type-changing remains more feasible for the foreseeable future. :confused:

I can’t have been only one that had hopes to use it for this purpose.

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