After so long, this game still not have a HDR option

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skill with Light epic.

skill with no Light epic.

Switching between the two pictures, you can find that the brightness rendering of the dark place is exactly the same. And it seems that the second picture is easier to see the details in the dark place.

Because the character’s surroundings are illuminated by Light Epic, so the game screen are become brighter, but the price of the bright surroundings is that the dark place becomes harder to see the details.
Although this is in line with “realistic lighting”, it is not suitable for “game environment lighting” at all.

Choosing Light Epic should be a beneficial choice, but it didn’t really improve the gaming experience - it hurt my eyes even more.

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to my understanding If you want realistic lighting you need to carry a torch.

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so give me a torch please?

I think they mean Basic Torch or Torch.

oh, i think about that “torch”.
but… use torchs in cave?I choose light epic is want need
not to hold a torch when I exploring the cave.

Light epic has never been a feature of my build tbh. An axe (or grapple, or whatever) in my offhand with glow on it and my mining tool in main hand had always worked a trest

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Me neither. Especially when i build since light epic messes with building with gleam imo. I use a loot stick for my light while mining because i find the epic too bright.

Edit: i wish we could adjust the brightness of the light epic…then i might use it for mining.


Fun fact: a block of warp conduit gives off more light than a basic torch. Also, the light is blue and soothing.

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personally i find warm colors soothing. i find the blue spectrum pierces my eyes too much.