[Agaminiangulis Major] --[Metal Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via KOL HUROO at 42 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 3400c)
∟Last until October 1, 2019 7:33 AM
∟Server : EU Central

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 160 Cool Blue

Igneous - 117 Rust Violet
Metamorphic - 62 Oxide Violet
Sedimentary - 130 Light Blue

Ancient - 47 Dark Turquoise
Lustrous - 20 Night Orange
Twisted - 85 Warm Yellow

Exotic - 53 Silk Mint
Lush Foliage - 245 Silk Turquoise
Waxy - 33 Silk Yellow

Clay - 45 Night Green
Peaty - 45 Night Green
Silty - 39 Dark Yellow

Barbed - 47 Dark Turquoise
Gnarled - 47 Dark Turquoise
Verdant - 44 Shadow Yellow

Ash - 39 Dark Yellow
Gravel - 117 Rust Violet
Glacier - 133 Pale Berry
Growth - 86 Stale Moss
Ice - 161 Weary Violet
Mould - 2 Night Azure
Mud - 45 Night Green
Sand - 27 Oxide Rose
Sponge - 134 Ashen Berry
Tangle - 38 Dark Green
Thorn - 45 Night Green

Cloneflower - 8 Dark Lilac
Gladeflower - 65 Silk Lavender
Ghostflower - 54 Silk Teal
Spineflower - 239 Strong Azure

Desert Sword - 86 Stale Moss
Oortian’s Staff - 86 Stale Moss
Rosetta Nox - 241 Strong Turquoise
Spineback Plant - 113 Stale Turquoise
Stardrop Plant - 114 Rust Lime
Traveller’s Perch - 38 Dark Green
Trumpet Root - 38 Dark Green
Twisted Aloba - 39 Dark Yellow

Branch Funnel - 45 Night Green
Clustered Tongue - 38 Dark Green
Glow Cap - 35 Hot Moss
Molted Tar Spot - 44 Shadow Yellow
Tinted-Burst - 33 Silk Yellow
Weeping Waxcap - 45 Night Green

Resources Tab


Brought to you by @majorvex.


Need Goo colors would be nice addition.

Goo colors are the same as the rock colors… Also no goo on that exo


I’ll be on once home to explore and screenshot for sure, but have to admit I’m glad that one that spawned while I still have a lot of time to go at work is one without the things I’m after. :wink:

You thought McRib was bad? Take this, Aga-mini-angu-lis Maaajor.


Haha, yeah, I was just thinking, I’ll either think of it as Aggie or AM. Or Agamemnon if we want to be fancy, still shorter, and a good name for a planet, no? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A great name for anything :laughing:

Thats how I’d pronounce it. Best planet name so far! :laughing:


Woo hoo, giant orange trees to farm!

co-ords 1,283N -535E


Mind blown cat is back. I’m gonna collect so much wood…


Ill just call it AgaMa. Glad its not permanent with such a name xD.

Aggie might work too :laughing:

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And another pile of it… I’m chopping wood later on too!! Needs that sap so bad! And it’s a nice colour too as a bonus!

1,258N -1057E


I have to say the resource I am most happy about on this planet would have to be these

Dark Lilac Imperial Harlequins are going to look smexzy!


Ahhh thank you for the coords!

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No problem, updated the first pic with coords too.

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Anyone found any gleam or ancient wood yet?

Also, I wish I’d brought a solidifier to tag regions :worried:

Im intrigued, what do you mean by this?

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I’m on the gleam right now

489N -1051E

Unfortunately it’s gleam we already have and not abundant enough for mass farming either!


Lots of lava, easier to move across if you solidify it first!


Yep, use an AOE solidifier to “walk” on lava.

Damn, didn’t notice that.

Thanks anyway.