Ahh damn... so what you wish me lord

So it finally happened Anterra has broken.

And have to answer to or new world leader.
So @Apt how do you feel😉


Btw if you missed it i am no longer viceroy on Antar VI @apt is now viceroy.

What happened?

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As per his reply, Tmnk used to be viceroy on Antar VI, but this was reciently taken over by apt

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oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! but also yay!
I just needed a couple mil of prestige to do it properly, but this also works I guess :slight_smile:


Nah the gap was bigger than just apt taking over, something must have regened

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Do we remember antaria

I have claimed most of it a few hours ago but its gone

Oh wow thats mad

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was a few hours to late so parts where already gone :wink: ah well

Nop apt is to far away and has his own big seltlement. :wink:

Ah well :wink: :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: finally :wink:

I love the good naturedness of this post :smiley: hats off to @Tmmk

Congrats to @Apt!
And RIP Anterra


@Trickyy90 ^^ good thing i owned 66% of the complete zone.

So to night I celebrate te renaming of “my” zone.:wink:

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Where’s @Tomir ?

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enough of these intricately designed beautifully constructed builds and go to where your heart truly lies… a towering machined iron and gleam monument of prestige :boundless:


Last time i saw hum is about 6 months ago and told me then he had GC for a year. That was the last time i heard of him

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Breathing space he has to stay viceroy :wink: about 10 mill pres of it :wink:

HMaybe it’s time to move :smiling_imp: breacking every thing down and moving block for block @Apt Want a new neighbor :wink: