Aim site black and white

I can there be a thing were the cursor or aim thingy in the middle of the screen to flucates between black and white so you can see it in bright situations


In the meantime…theres this…

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If I’m buying it can I just buy it from James for all players to enjoy

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And I don’t think that thing would work for me I don’t own a tv or monitor I play boundless on psvr for the past couple years now boop lol


Back in the day playing CoD hardcore I’d put a paper dot on a clear piece of tape and put it over the screen - but I imagine that would be way harder to pull off with a VR set :joy:


I suppose you would have to put it over your eyes for vr :joy:

Just get some contacts with a reticle on them…

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Just use a little marker and put a dot in the center of each lense

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Yeah you can do it with a market just fine on vr