Alder Initiative's Pigments Shop & Angelae's Coloring Nook

Hello dear Boundless community,

I just wanted to do a quick and simple advertisement for a new shop: Alder Initiative’s Pigments Shop
It is located under the Sasquatchville main hub, on Alder. There are numerous ways to get to Sasquatchville : the Alder TNT megahub portal, Alder’s node of Tigg’s Tunnels, Ultima US East hub ( portal is behind Alder’s portal), Portal Seekers Biitula Hub (behind the Grovidias Te portal and many other ways.

In this pigments shop you can find almost all the colors. Each color has its own painted shopstand, with a painted sign that has the number and name of the color.
Every pigment is 125c, I would be willing to give slightly better price if we do a hand trade.
Here are some pictures.
See you soon :slight_smile:

We now have a location at the illuminaughty mall. Number 9 on the Pink Lane.


Looks awesome! Give krylon a run for her money :wink:

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lol I don’t sell pigments tho

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Wow this is impressive! I love the setup and it’s very pleasing to the eyes seeing all of the colors!

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let people know that the A.I. Pigments shop now has all the colors of pigments in stock, though some of them I only have 1 or 2.
I also have request baskets for goo kernels. I think they are currently at 40c each, but will be upgrading that price to 45c.
I am also more than happy to do hand trades for kernels or for pigments. Just PM me, I should be available all day today!

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Very nice shop. Spend way too much :joy:

Really need to finish my Goo Labs so I can make myself more…


Just a reminder here that we have 600k in baskets for buying goo kernels at 45c each!

Hey all,

I am thinking of selling some spray cans, any idea what colors are wanted/popular/in high demands?

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Welcome to the spray paint business lol.

Shadow cerulean is a big hit. Pretty much goes out of stock the moment you stock it.

The shadows sell good, red/fuchsia/orange.
Some black and white.

Otherwise it’s about finding someone who’s looking for something specific and mixing up a custom batch really.


Shop looks awesome!

I’m looking to find some pigment and paint vendors for my colors collection under row C at the mall if you’re interested. I’ll be setting up 255 shop stands on each floor using advanced locks.

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Oxide Grey is what I’m interested in - for spraying seams :slight_smile:


Shadow Violet! :nerd_face::+1:

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Just popped in. Great shop!

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Tonight we opened a new location to our pigment/paint shop! It is located at the illuminaughty mall on Trior. It’s at the number 9 on the pink lane. Coordinates are 863N, -2037E
We are just starting to make paint for selling. Make sure to stop by or let us know what kind of colors you are looking for!!

Are you making shop stands in all 255 colors? If so I want a few sets :blush: