All 88 permanent (and many exo) colours of concrete in large quantities in stock at Concrete Complete at Nova Golda Market!

I’m happy to announce the latest addition to Nova Golda Market
Concrete Complete!

Selling 88 colours of concrete (once all the stands are stocked) and room for exo concrete as well.

Prices range from 29c/34c for concrete and patterned concrete made from sand.
39c/44c when it’s made from gravel and 49c/54c from rocks.

Right now lots of black concrete for 39c/44c!

Come and get this lovely stuff!

PS. Stay tuned for more shops at Nova Golda Market but also lots of changes at and around the market are coming!

Exciting times at Nova Golda!


Sweet shop!

Thank you! You visited it already?

More colours added just now! Mostly the ones made from gravel.

Hopefully today the rest will be added as well! Those will be the ones made out of rocks!

Come buy some concrete, you know you want to!

Now all 88 possible colours of concrete are in stock!

Over 6.5k blocks! Top post updated with new screenshots!

Soon some select exo colours will be added!


blimey, you’ve been hard at work (as always!)
great shop @AeneaGames…brought a whole bunch :+1:


She was at my shop before buying rock, gravel, sand and opals :slight_smile:
Pretty sure I have the best deal in boundless on most of those items
TY for your custom Aenea :slight_smile:

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Ohh! thank yous!!!

Not gravel tho, but did indeed buy some rock, sand and opals :slight_smile:

Also came back to sell you some stuff, hehehe, just had to!

Look at that! Bright Moss and Vivid Moss concrete from the latest Rift Exo!

Priced at 59/64c (64 for the patterned)!


That’s a lot of concrete!

Need to try a couple of colours to see what I like best :+1:


Great work as always Aenea, love all your stuff! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re my go-to for so much!! :slight_smile:

Got a shot of the store with the Blood Moon when visiting! - :smiley:


some great colours available! using in my machine room (wip)

…such crisp lines…


Is that the exo colour? Then I better make some more huh? :smiley:

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Added some more exo colours to the temporary line-up but also started using some goo on them!


that red…wow…no idea yet how I’m gonna use it but had to have it :+1:

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LOL, thanks!

Took a bit of doing to get it, will take a while to make more…

If only I had more red gleam, haha

Plain red? Or any other kinda red lol

Well, plain red gleam would be nice, yes, only have 6 pieces of it from the gleambow event.

Most colours completely restocked! Lots of black too!

Also added more exo colours and of course white seems to be a favourite too for many so added loads more!

Over 10k concrete at Concrete Complete!


More black concrete! I bought it all last night!

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How much you want? Can do special orders!

Will make more anyway if it’s empty.