Allow fueling beacons from Places-Beacons tab

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This would be a QoL type of addition I think would be nice to have. You would basically be able to fuel your beacons from the Places-Beacons tab. As well feel a Fuel all option would be good to have at the top of the section tab. I feel this would fit nicely such as the free warp home we have.


I very much doubt that’s something that would be considered as it would make the biggest selling point of gleamclub virtually redundant.


It wouldn’t make it redundant. You would still have to remember to fuel your beacons. I would still always have gleamclub and I’m sure many people would as well. This is just a way for people not to have to run to every single beacon.

Ok not exactly redundant but it would probably make gleamclub less appealing especially with the advanced beacon fuel. I can’t remember how long it lasts but if I could just put them into one place from a menu ever 4 months with no running around then that attraction of gleamclub begins to dim.

For my gleamclub is a must even if this was available, I don’t have to buy the fuel at all even if super cheap. The main factor in what gleamclub for me is not having to remember. I buy a year of clean club every 7-8 months and that’s my safety net. I feel this option under beacon tabs would benefit alot of people. Especially people that have dozens of beacons. I know my self my list is endless.

I too have gleamclub because I have many beacons spread across multiple planets but if I could just set an alarm on my phone for every 4 months and then just spend a couple of minutes to fuel all the beacons in one hit until the next 4 months then to me gleamclub wouldn’t look so appealing. But that’s just my opinion and I’m sure many people would love it if it was introduced.

I agree you’d have to bump up the perks for GC if you did this. For those who have 20+ beacons spread across multiple planets, being able to fuel all from a menu would be a little OP.

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I think this wouldve been yes please on my books if we dont have reclaim system.
Now that its there i dont really see point for this.
If you are that lazy or dont have time to travel tp your beacons to fuel them thats as good as you dont play the game… so might aswell give the space to the people who could use it.