Allow "Guild Worker" role to break/plant crops

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I have been looking at a way to set up a shared farm for my fledgling guild, but it doesn’t look like I can give permissions to be able to break/plant crops without giving break/place block permissions.

With the three current “user” roles we have (Builder, Worker, Engineer) I feel this would fit best into the Worker role. This role already has access to the storage within the beacon, and thus this change could allow them to work as a “farmhand” by planting and harvesting crops without the need to give them permission to tear down the whole farm in the process.

Alternately, if this kind of permission is already available, I’d be grateful for some information on getting it to work as from the (admittedly limited) testing I’ve done there doesn’t seem to be a way to make this happen.

Thanks in advance. :heart:


It would be handy to just run in and swing wildly without worrying about messing anything up / killing yourself with the lava irrigation =P. I’m not sure how the devs would feel about that :thinking:


I’d love to be able to ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ my beacons against my own clumsiness. For example, once you’ve built whatever you’re building, you can lock down the beacon to avoid accidental damage caused by myself or anyone with perms. In particular, accidentally destroying grass that had been planted for landscaping purposes. This is especially annoying if you’ve used exo colours and can’t easily replace them.


I mean, most regen farms are built with this exact method in mind … and farming would actually require resources (seeds) to replant rather just bombs.

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We are thinking of doing something like this with our guild and factions once we get the majority of the center of town built up - having separate factions for “Build Under Construction” and “Build Finished” that limit build access. Seems easy enough to switch which faction a beacon is on when needed.

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I very much agree with what you’re trying to achieve here; farming is a weird middleground where you are ‘using’ an existing build in the same way that people use placed machines, but it also requires you to break and place blocks like a builder - not to mention if you have to till soil blocks again for replanting, etc.

A while back I’d suggested creating a ‘farmer’ permission for beacons and guilds that would accomplish this; it would allow you to place and break plants (this can include grass seeds as well) and till soil blocks, but not to break anything else. The intent matches your idea - to let people make a ‘group farm’ that they can feel safe sharing with friends - but in practice it’s still a very specific set of requirements that cross boundaries with the ‘builder’ role.

Absent anything else, the best suggestion I can give you is to have your friends do their farming with characters that deliberately have 0 power and use extremely low-damage tools to harvest - I make AoE stone axes with no damage so they’re very weak and deal ‘wrong tool’ damage to dirt/gravel/blocks. This won’t PREVENT a friend from messing up your farm build, but it’ll give them a buffer of a few accidental hits to avoid mistakes.