Allow signs to be placed back to back

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Please allow signs to placed on the back side of a sign


So kind of like how you can put doors back to back. Makes sense. But id imagine the sign would be over the stand a little bit if they did allow it.


i’m ok with how it’s positioned as is :slightly_smiling_face:


My way to bypass it was to toss a block in between the signs so can have a sign on each side. Just remove the block afterwards


Thing is how it’s positioned now I don’t think would be possible if they had to make it like the doors. But who knows maybe they can make a new position/placement system for the signs.


I have placed 2 doors for comparison

The placement system for doors seem different. I can place a door whilst the cursor is on the door instead of interacting with the door


Yes. It’s another solution. In my example, the signs currently take 2 by 3 block wide. With this solution, it’ll take up 3 by 3 block wide


You didn’t place the doors back to back. You placed them side by side.


Then place the door here

This is after i opened both doors

ps. sry the first image before was not placed back to back. the last one is now back to back. it was just to show how the door would look like next to each other and how we can compare the doors and the signs


Yea so it looks like it should work if they can add me w placement zones to the signs. Since I have no experience with their system I can’t say if it would be a hard thing to do. But it seems unlikely that it would be. Maybe @lucadeltodecso or @jesshyland might have some insight why we can’t have back to back signs.