I’m having an issue with minimizing the game. It will minimize just fine through either Alt + Tab or Hitting the windows key. But it keeps the game at a windowed mode with a horrible 600x something odd resolution and I can’t put it back to fullscreen OR even native resolution. So I have to restart the game. Let me know if you need any form of logs (As well as where do I find them lol) and PC specs.\

Closing the game is difficult as well, 9/10 it Hangs and I have to force quit the game.

Try hitting Enter while having the game window active. This works for me.

Oh joy, that worked. Wonder why… :S

Yeah - there are some issues with Alt+Tab, Cmd+Tab, etc. We’ll gradually get these polished up. Please keep reporting them.

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please keep the ‘‘Enter’’ to window/fullscreen. its sooo convenient XD

Conversely, because it’s not the normal alt+enter, it does cause some confusion. Enter by itself is often used to either open up a chat box or to confirm a selection.

Alternatively, when keyboard remapping is added, you can always give people the choice to have it where they like.


You can also click the menu box in the upper-left and select ‘Resize,’ then use the cursor keys to make the window large enough to let you click the couple of times it takes ‘Enter’ to work correctly. (Loss of focus on the client area isn’t [apparently] addressed by a click in the non-client area.)

Gotta agree with Ardos. I’m so used to Enter opening up chat with other games that I keep hitting it and get my window changed.


Ok - thanks for the feedback - we should make sure that OO follows standard key press expectations.