Alt toons or Swap Talent Specs?

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Hello, I am new to Boundless. My friend and I just started on PC the other day.

We are both around level 15. Anyway, I noticed that you can unlock 3 talent specs. I used my cubits and bought a talent spec so I have spec 1 and spec 2. When I swap to spec too it is empty, and has no points. How do I get my points to spend in spec 2?

OR if I have to level from “0” with a talent spec, is it just better to buy a hero slot? Have 1 fighter/hunter/explorer, One max Crafter, and one Max gatherer ???

OR again, are talent specs still being worked on and I should just stand fast?

You need to be 50+ to add points into a new tree. The extra skillset is only useful after being max level, you don’t get to switch points out. I know this because I tried myself when it first became available :slight_smile:

So basically its just better to make another hero then? And have 1 per each thing I want to do?

I achieved much more initially by having two toons, one for crafting, one for gathering/hunting etc. The crafter ends up crafting so much he levels just on that. My gatherer hit 50 at about the time my crafter hit 39, so they ended up leveling at a fairly even pace depending on how much stuff you craft.

If you set up some crafting queues on your machines on your crafting hero then swap to your hunting hero, does your crafting hero still get the exp or does he needs to be online?

He’ll receive the XP once you log back into him. It’s always nice to log in and get 10-20k in XP :stuck_out_tongue:

another vote for alt characters,also means when we eventually get other races added to the game you will have less omg what race to pick! as you could have 3 different races.

Vote for alt chars. With 4 chars running in total and 5th planned i am practically self sufficient.

I personally use 7, with plans for 2 more…

How do you folks manage cubits with your alts? There’s no way to funnel them all through a main is there?

I just created my first alt, my initial plan was to use the cubits he earned to… open more alt slots! But if I ever made a 3rd character, not sure what I’d do with his cubits. Buy plots and put down a beacon adjacent to my main’s homestead and build out that way?

There is no way to funnel them to the main. This was done to prevent an exploit (shitt cubits shift to main, delete alt, start new alt, get easy cubits, shift cubits to main, delete alt, etc.)

I will use my alts cubit to buy plots or to buy more alts. If I use them for plots then I would do as you have pointed out. Add plots and a beacon next to my mains build to expand it.

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