Alt vs skill pages

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What are the pros and cons of each? I made a crafting alt already. But now I’m debating on making an alt for forging. Is it worth it making multiple alternate characters? Or would you recommend waiting and getting more skill pages on one character?

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I personally like separate alts for everything that happens around one location (like baker / brewer / forgers … etc that never leave the base) but skill pages for stuff that I do elsewhere, like gathering / mining / digging etc…


And you might find this thread handy for cranking out a few separate crafter alts if you go that way

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For me alts are great because I can keep their inventories ready for what each one does so I don’t need to keep switching stuff from boxes every time.

I have skill pages for shovel and farming stuff which are the activities that I do less often.


Well sounds like I’m gonna be spending cubits on another alt lol

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I loved not rushing through the game and only ever had one character, sure not everything is easy and you’ll have to find a balance.

I started with just some mining and crafting skills, then when I enough skill points I spend them in hunting for t3 planets untill I could buy new skill tress


I have three alts, not knowing that skill pages were a thing until most of them were max level. For me, that’s pretty good, but I’d probably dial back my ideal to two characters had I known.

I got 50 skill pages and a workshop/home.



I have 2 alts but I don’t use them apart from providing coin, I have everything on my main, If you want to to use skill pages, I recommend you concentrate on an all rounded skill page until your able to start moving your skill into different skill pages.

From lvl 1 to lvl50 my skill page was for crafting/survivability and some building.

For me the biggest advantage of skill pages vs alts is shared experience. On my main I have an experience-gaining skill page (basically mining), and two other skill pages whose skill points all came from page #1. One of those is a forging skill page which I also use to hunt (making use of all those vitality and power attribute points).

I recently made an alt to hold my tax epic, because the way tax epic works is kinda annoying otherwise. I’m not decided on how I’d do other kinds of crafting–since they don’t require as much experience I am pretty swayed by the idea of crafting alts.

They both kinda suck, but for me, skill pages have a little higher quality-of-life… no going back to the sanctum and travelling from wherever you last left off every time you want to do something different.

My hope is that one of these years we’ll get an overhaul of character progression to make characters a lot more fun to play. Now it’s more of an exercise in planning your play style to work around the limitations.

I created one alt, but when I realised there is no shared plots, no shared friends, just starting the game again from scratch, I left him in a single plot box with mould growing in the corner. :slight_smile:

5 skill pages, and an underwhelming skill-tree means you’ll never be able to experience all aspects of boundless with one character. So, like most long term players, you’ll probably create alts with 5 skill pages each ultimately allowing you to experience all the challenges boundless presents*

*I know it’s non popular to say that, since being able to do everything apparently means the end to the economy, the game, and life as we know it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Alts are better for individuals who prefer roleplaying games. Skillpages are better for power players and min-maxers. It depends on your mental model of what game you’re playing when you’re logged in to Boundless.

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Alts… best thing in those is just basically
. Plots.

I dont use alts.
I use 1 character . My previous character had 5 skill pages and current one has 2.
Example one for all around and 1 for forging

I have two alts I use, but I didn’t make them til I had 4 skill pages on my main. I made them as a novelty really! Definitely prefer skill pages… but I do wish we could name them!


I have 10 alts… which helps a lot if youre after the money. Easy achievements when youre starting, and can of course reset their skill page and change profession so literally 10 times as much coin and cubits than a single character. Also more beacons for footfall cash.

But most importantly, 10 different fancy outfits.

Ye it pretty discusting how much money you could make just with create delete character :slight_smile:

I currently use 1 character, max skill pages. Only downfall of this is the 15 minute cooldown time if I want to swap pages outside if my home beacon.

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Alts are best early game, as you can get skill points easier/quicker during lower levels.

Skill pages are best toward end game, when skill points are less precious and you rather save 10 sec every time you need to swap skills.

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