Alternate Rice Farm Layout

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Since so many folks are doing tiers for rice, I just thought I would share my alternate layout.


1.) Single source of water
2.) Flat for planting and harvesting
3.) Makes me laugh


1.) Uses just a couple, maybe three, more plots than usual
2.) Is risotto really gonna take off?

Feel free to come by and check it out. It’s fun to turn the water off and on - it’s not locked so try it! When you turn it back on, you’ll need to run around the edges for some reason to get the final water to spawn.

1,061N 1,092E on Alder

Fireborn Nomad City on Alder

Fireborn East from DK’s Ultima Tree -> Speedhunts
Speedhunts portal from Duskmoor -> head West
Several Fireborn hunt portals -> Underminer -> head West
PS Alder -> Underminer
Hubbit Alder -> Speedhunts
Code Gleam -> Speedhunts


Ayalla / Underminer / Speedhunter


I use meaty risotto all the time… I hate my limited energy getting further limited while I’m trying to explore and gather.

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I love this way of thinking, I’m definitely going to incorporate this idea into my rice farm!

Nice one :fist_right::boom::fist_left:

I like it!

Fractal Farming!!


love the layout, I’m too lazy to build my rice pyramid though :frowning: Same general idea, but the primary source splits off to feed the first (nearest) 4 fields. Then from there split progressively further out, so that you can in theory extend the farm perimeter by 1 just by digging down and splitting off the outermost fluids again

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That is really crazy water diver and rice farm :smiley:

Looks nice from top looking down. You can probably cover more area if you were to split the stream into more than two streams per stream for each drop in altitude.

Also, if you want to maximize space, don’t use wooden blocks to separate the compact clay plots. I’ve tried the 3-wide and 4-wide setup but there one where you dont use any separator is best without sacrificing yield.

Challenge accepted.

@Spitcup, you see this?

I stopped by today and turned your water off and on. It was very cool to watch and it was fun! Thank you for sharing with us.

takes abit longer to mature but gets the job done for seed production

im trying to figure out how to get the max crop yield i got it to 195% so far