Alternative basic melee weapon type/style?


Heyho …

Since I saw and read the post about the lance concept art and idea I think about the future of melee combat in B< and the possibility for one or two more types of melee weapons. The question is: How could the devs introduce more types of weapons and/or could enhance the versatility of the combat with a minimum of effort, cuz time is precious and we want a maximum of gameplay fun with a minimum of used manpower to create it :wink:

In my eyes it’s important for the game to get more then just one (very versatile and cool designed) weapon type and/or combat style in melee because many people define the character, mentality or role of their chars with the type of weapon they use and to have more different options would enrich this aspect. Also, different combat styles would also give more options of ingame tactics and manouvers which make the combat more interesting,

I have two basic ideas on this (with the minimum effort for making them in mind):

  1. There should be one more basic type of melee weapon

The lance as the shown concept is a stabing weapon, so I think there should be a swinging weapon next to it. This could also be created with a hilt-, a shaft/crossguard- and a head-component (for reaching a high versalit). On this way there could be quite different weapons forged on one way, no matter if it’s a hammerlike, a blade, a lightsaber or smashing crystal headed weapon. If swung horizontal or vertical is the question, but that should be measured by balancing aspects (vertical would be for single targets while horizontal may hit more targets at once.

  1. Each (then both) weapon style should be wieldable in one hand or two-handed which each has a different combat behavior.

On this way there would be two combat styles introduced into the game per each weapon type, which would double the versality of each weapon with less effort used on it. If a weapon is wielded in two hands it could also get a second type of strike cuz you have both hand’s use-button on the same weapon. As an example the Lance, now wielded over the shoulder like single handed spear in the ancient times, could be wielded in hip hight if two-handed. While the first use button is a stabbing attack the secobd one could be a horizontal swing, a parrying block movement, a charged stab (with moving the caracter while striking) or something else … The swung weapon of the example above could have a vertical strike as the first option while the second could be a strong horizontal swing, a bash on the ground, a leap or a pushing move.

What do you think about this? Or what are your ideas?


I agree with you but I guess that wont be a thing sadly :confused:


How the authors of James Bond once said it with a title: Never say never again! ^^ … May be it is hard to nail, but what if the larger hit area is a bonus which is gained through sacrificing some max-damage potential or other aspects? … And also: Other Games did it as well (Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Hexen, The Elder Scrolls series (I always play them in 1st person ^^) or Enclave) … and like I said: If it’s a vertical strike it’s nealy like a stab (unless the enemies are stacking as towers ^^).

I never give up! ^^


Skyrim combat was pretty lame IMO :confused:
TBH I don’t get the skyrim hype at all, I found it boring af. But that’s kinda offtopic :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I really hope there will be more base weapons too ^^ I wouldn’t mind if there werent any though


Punching with something like knuckles or gloves seems like the next next logical choice for a melee weapon/animation. (Probably easier to nail than a swipe/slash and a close range counterpart to the long ranged spear)
A one- or two-handed shield bash seems also like a relatively easy to nail attack.


I would love to see some kind of brawler martial arts type fighting. I don’t see them making a skill set for it though so it would have to be a craft able item. For example the more crafting skill you have the better brawler items you could then make. Like hand wraps brass knuckles or so on. Idk what they have in store for skills though so fingers crossed.


The game lacks melee weapons . Alternatively, you could add a semblance of fists . They have to remove my distance and give them knockback . And of course they should be stronger slingbow.