Alternative Peat Farming

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I don’t know how you all go about farming peat, but I’ve seen a few posts recently where others have stumbled across large holes in the ground that look like someone’s been gathering peat (I’m guilty of leaving giant holes, too!). Recently I started swimming to the bottom of lakes though, and digging my way beneath the water, then sealing myself in with gravel or sand etc. I get absolutely masses of peaty soil this way so thought I’d share my tactics for those who don’t already know to do this.


yep there’s a lot of peaty at the bottom of lakes and such, you can also save a lot of time by going straight for the compact peat though too. You can actually find it under the gleam tree prefabs on Munteen, Nasharil and I think elopor (probably all the planets you can find gleam except vulpto. there’s definitely no compact peat or prefabs on vulpto.)

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Hmm. I might get claustrophobic but it’s worth a try.

there are trees on Munteen that have peat instead of leaves - thats another option
however, as @ctrl-64 mentioned, going for compact peat in altar prefabs is probably the fastest way (unless its not compact peat you are interested in and you really need raw peaty soil)

I thought those were all clay… :thinking:

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ah right - I remember now - you are right; sorry for wrong info

also theres 50compact peat under each wild temple and ya get some nice decor refined blocks and lantarns while doing it


I got a real nice farming spot yeildes 7 smartstacks
(thats when i stopped so much more) and its surface level however never dig alone cause it is a higher level planet so mobs and what not but still really really great. I get maybe 3 smartstacks in half an hour I can show you it if you want.


Isn’t there only 26 compact peat per temple?

I’ve got a route on Elopor that nets me a smart stack of compact peat in under an hour, plus I get to explore a bit while I’m at it instead of mindlessly shoveling. Definitely my preferred method of peat farming. :wink:


yep 26 lol

Wow, seeing you all talk about the compact peat, and clay leaves you can find makes me see how much of the planets I have yet to explore. I nearly keeled over from excitement when I found my first piece of yellow gleam. I’ve found cream and blue since then, too. Ring worlds are difficult for my main as I have no points in health or combat, but I try to dash in and out again when I need somthing.

@ChimeraGaming - it would be really cool if you could show me at some point, thank you!

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I can show you now if you want just swing by my place

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I’m just about to join the hunt. Is another time okay please? Thank you!

I thought the hunt started at 8pm eastern?

The one earlier was probably the european or guild hunt but theres another one in 3 and a half hours for the US peeps.

It was a guild one, I think. I wish I could be awake for the next one too! lol

getting addicted?


So what exaclty happens when non guild members join the guild hunt?

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I bet she sneaked in and followed the group hiding behind trees and rock and scavenging dead mobs and completed meteorites done by others. No one ever noticed. :wink:

A bit like Gollum following the ring party. :joy:


Shhhh, you’re giving away all of my secrets! :joy::joy::joy:

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