Alternative portal ideas

Currently: portals cost oort to open then the timer starts and they run out of fuel unless constantly restocked. Which equals constant maintenance.

My idea: portal cost oort to open, portal stays open and doesn’t use fuel until a person travels through it.
Players can set portals to private, guild, open
Players can have the option to set a price to other players for using the portal. The price can be any amount of coin the player feels necessary or any value of oort shards, blocks.
The player using someone else portal will be able to see the price of the portal by hovering over it. To safe guard the players from going bankrupt they will be prompted each time they go through a portal with a price change.


This kinda lends itself to unlimited number of practically permanent portals as long as each person builds their own, sets to private and charges 0c though?

I think portals are somewhat resource intensive, this might cause an impact on overall performance? Idk, just wondering out loud

Someone would write a keyboard macro just to exhaust e.g. Ultimas portals. You can’t allow a random person to spend your resources.

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Why Ultima? Is there beef?

I think they probably meant just as general griefing, there’s always griefers. Since it’s a high usage hub, people would be pretty inconvenienced if portals were always going down

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Right. That’s a great point

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The dev team wants to overall limit the number of portals a player can sustain because portals require a lot of system resources since you’re loading data from 2 planets at once (sometimes on different servers) when you look through a portal. They want you to have portals, just not go crazy with them.

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