Am i tripping

so i go to shoppstand and buy with shift click two stacks off earthjams i accept and pay and bam there 27 edible lammellas in the shopstand i cannot buy
that i did not see before
is this normal ?
price list only shows earhtjams
can ya hide unsellable stuff in smartstacks but dont sell them so they go out off the smarstack when buying seems weird behavior someone can confirm this is weird before i report it as bug

I think this was actually a bug fix. The problem was that if someone didn’t put a price on one of the items in a smart stack the whole thing was unsellable. Now it will let you buy the things in the stack that have a listed price.

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so if i dont watch out i can be thinking i buy full smartstack and half stuff i aint buying?

I think it’s just like a stack of food or forged goods. You pick the ones you want to buy.

Before, the whole thing would be locked if just one item didn’t have a price. Now it’s not all locked.

if you think this way is better i do to
ignore me thought i finally found a bug
maybe better luck next time

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Maybe it’s a bug AND you’re tripping : ) win-win


Believe they even fixed it to sell…
No longer having to separate un-sellable items from a SS while selling to a basket.

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