[Amatis ❤] --[T4 - Inhospitable Lush Exoworld]--

I found a good spot of ancient trees. Will share token tomorrow. They have thorns in them.

Also I’m so happy the glass regens! I felt bad taking it!


not…nearly…enough… :laughing:

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It’s a Start I’m can finally restart my Moon project and make it pink now me so exited my build is blue purple and now I can add the pink



wow… biggest thx ever to the complete dev. team…
ive lost trusting in a exclusive exo 4 valentines day, i was very suprised to see this nice one poped up…


Lunai’s Exo Hide And Seek is now on amatis!

edit: It’s in Rose Colored gleam. Take a photo of it and if it’s mine, you can get a prize!

Wow the devs have really out done themselves with this one! Can’t wait.

And I’m so happy for @BabyCookie :smiley: haha


As I alluded to earlier, taking in… :heart_eyes:

While doing… :smiling_imp:

Seriously, you’re missing out if you don’t do a little RR hunting here. :wink: While there aren’t as many of the strong and stouts (those drop feathers) being T4, it is also a lot easier going being a lower level, and big thing, some of the areas on this planet couldn’t be more perfect for it - huge open flat areas. And even the regular ones worth sniping as adrenal glands sell for a fortune right now and you can get oort. If there is interest I’ll put some hunting grounds tokens in the station.

So much this, I can’t overstate what a HUGE help this is!! :smiley:


we want go hunting there today too…
which utc did u prefer?

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I’m on and off at all sorts of times, near 11 pm utc (6 pm my time) is sort of my prime time for playing though. :slight_smile: I think I’ll go ahead and stick some tokens in one of the exo stations here in a bit just in case any want them!

Love this exo so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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anyone found tangles please?


well i found coords but no tangle in vincinity…

Did you try to Regen?

not even single tangle…

Maybe a mix up between tangle and thorns… I know I have done that when typing my locations before.

Edit: or a meteor was too close for regen to work… not sure.

Has anyone made shadow violet marble or mosaic and have a screenshot of it ?

There is a few bits of shadow violet marble and mosaic at Sydney Paints, not in game at the moment to grab a screenshot though.

Oh damn sorry :flushed: I always mix up tangle and thorns.


I found some tangle that was in a resin spot. Only 3 pieces and I didn’t have Regen on me. But it is there