Exo hide and seek! (like majorvex)

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I make little signs on exos and you try to find it!

current prize: SS of exo stones! (known world colors but its a ss of something
edit: Post if you found it here


Which exos?

I’ll sweeten the pot a little with coin, just let me know how many signs there are before I name a number lol

the ones i link here
edit: 1 sign each exo

Any hints for participants as to the color or size of the sign etc?

Always either norkanya gleam colors or the colors of the exo

Found one!


Saw awile ago myself but I just em for others to find

That is mine!!! :slight_smile: Shady? Let’s meet somewhere in the game and i’ll give the prize! It was made in light azure gleam. It’s either norkanya gleam or gleam of the world it’s on FYI
edit: Purposely put it in crowded area so ppl could find it ez pz

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Yay lol lol. I’ll be here most of the day :slight_smile: