[Nu Ursae Mino] – [T6 - Fierce Toxic Exoworld] -

Nu Ursae Mino T6-Toxic (Caustic Lvl 5) exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is NEW!!!.. Also have free tokens to Twisted tree, Sponge for you goo farmers, Ash, Tangle with some Growth in it and Sand for you concrete makers…enjoy my friends :slight_smile:


So, so stunning!! :heart_eyes: Serious wallpaper material there!

… Now I’m expecting a ship to hatch from one of those big egg structures. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol how is the update? The description sounds naughty haha. “But you’ll have to grab them by their slimy tentacles to steer!” Or whatever it said I forget exactly.

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… There are a lot of jokes I’ve wanted to make but haven’t on it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Though so far, just been following the new stuff through others’ adventures - still doing my same exploring and screenshotting thing in it, lol. Hoping they do an update soon that really rewards exploration/adds more variation to landscapes and life.

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Tames and zoos?

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Its now here!

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last pic is amazing!



Completed 99c atlases and some free location tokens now available at the usual location at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (main portals from TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori)

A few resource in atlas pics for the curious


Rough Amethyst lvls?

I believe around 5 to 20 is a good band but it has been a while since I mined them.


“borrowed” from @Mayumichi :grin:

Mining Resource Locations
Resource Altitude Range Distance Below Surface Distance Below Liquid
Soft Coal Seam any 5+
Coal Seam any 20+
Hard Coal Seam any 50+
Copper Seam any 2+
Iron Seam any 5+
Silver Seam 10-40 20-70
Gold Seam 10-20 25+
Titanium Seam any 70+
Amethyst Seam 0-20 5-60 0-25
Diamond Seam 0-30 70+
Emerald Seam 0-20 2-60 10+
Topaz Seam 90+ 10+
Ruby Seam 10-15 50-70
Sapphire Seam 80-140 10-75
Small Fossil Seam any 3-40
Medium Fossil Seam any 5-50
Large Fossil Seam any 5-60
Ancient Tech Remnant Seam 20+ 3+
Ancient Tech Component Seam 40+ 5+
Ancient Tech Device Seam 75+ 5+

Gem seam drop rates with 9 luck points (8 luck + 5 all attr). It’s the same for all gems.



Some shots of Nu Ursae Mino. I had way more but narrowed it down to all of these :stuck_out_tongue:


Good density for glowing lamella

Planet has tons of mushrooms

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Looks like I’ll be coming home tomorrow just in time to gather some of that gleam… nice!

I just use a liquid breaker for air pockets, any overhang works lol Speed hammers and mega fast brews and of course Regen bombs. I can make a video if anyone is interested but it’s pretty simple. Got 5 stacks of gleam in a very short time.

You are gathering Gleam wth a liquid hammer???

No I make an air pocket so I can breathe :wink:

Ah ok now ive understood

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