This seems to matter alot to some people (for whatever the reason)

its the idea of being able to choose which hand have which item, so if you have sword and shield you can pick which hand you have it in

@ben @james can you once and for all talk about it, is it possible to do easily? is it too much work because you need to make more animations depending on the way it hits or what? i personally dont care either way. but some do.

(although being able to use any combination of weapon would be kinda neat)

It would be neat to have the feature, an extra way to tell people apart looks wise. Gameplay wise nothing would change.

Unofficial answer - I think playing with either hand should be ok because we want to allow holding weapons + tools in both hands. So by definition you can put swords (say) in either hand.


well. good enough for me :slight_smile:

Does that mean dual wielding makes it in too?

that highly depends on how the weapons are going to work, if they just slash infront of you. not so much, if they are directional based it does affect it.

duelwielding is neccesary in all games !!

sadly im afraid this will keep the ‘‘simple hotbar slot’’ rather than making a switch option to go to combat mode where you could have equipped spells.

I dunno, honestly I expect a combat bar separate from the building bar, to really make Oort its own game. Because yes portals/warps and grappling hooks, but if I’m fighting a titan it had better be a real battle and not a click fest.

yeah same, but if you can wear a weapon in one hand and tool in the other i cant imagine there being a bar put in for combat.

(which i sincerely hope they do because i want to be able to use abilities on hotbar slots instead of just spam clicking like mc)

Eh maybe I’ll draw a picture of what I’m thinking. Got a link for anything that represents what they envision right now? I can never find that stuff myself.

prob how it looks right now in a more complex shape, they are remaking the entire UI though so you might know there, i already made a discussion about having a switch combat tab. called Combat VS Building

Sorry that it’s hard to see this, the program I’m using is in symbol language so I can’t figure out size or ■■■■ like that. Honestly I don’t even know how to save my images.

That is exactly what I prayed for each nicht before I got to bed -

Are there also two handed items planed (then with two functions may be) ?

it would be pretty cool but also pretty impractical, i hope we dont get the ability to used hotbar 1 - 10 for abilities but rather get 5 - 7 active abitilies we can have equipped at once, but that is just me.


The number of active abilities I don’t care about, but I think using the scroll wheel to select building blocks and then having combat skills be easily available with hotkeys is a decent idea. Maybe one of the hotkeys is a basic attack to force your character into combat mode rather than trying to attack with a block.

James. would we be able to use both at once then? could i dualwield pickaxes and then dig twice as fast through stone?

That’s a cool idea. Something for the todo list when we get to this.

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yeah, if you add durability to the game and destroyable tools it wont really be that OP either.

Maybe not double as fast but something like making the off-hand give 33% extra of what the pickaxe you use should have.

Ha! You lot think of everything!!

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