Ambient Flowers

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Omg sooon!! Wait… When is soon?

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When I recently made the update video I also collected some flowers to show.
But they didn’t change appearance from before c++, which kind of disappointed me, so I didn’t feature them. And I wouldn’t have said much about them anyway^^

But those look awesome and surely will be featured in the next video.
My favorites would be the last two, but all of them are awesome for different situations.
Good Job!

@sikerow In the future^^


You know that sound they have in movies, when the heavens open up and light shafts rain down from the sky? I inadvertently made that noise when I saw these.


Before the inevitable heat death of the universe but after this reply is published. :yum:

Are you sure about the first part?^^

I certainly hope so! :scream: Dying would be meh compared to not being able to experience 1.0 Boundless!!

We’re backers, we won’t die.
The backer price includes an anti heat/cold death of the universe cryostatic capsule where we can wait for help or a new universe to arrive.


I hope the leaves are slightly darker/lighter than the grass just so they don’t blend in TOO well.

Q: If you relocate these plants to another world would the leaves retain their original color or change to that of the new one?


Excellent question, I would also like the answer to this. (I’m hoping the answer is no change.)

Why should it change? Every tinted block stays the same color when moved. ^^

As with all tinted items, they should retain whatever colours they have no matter what world you take them to.


Love them all…so awesome :slight_smile:

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I really like the flowers on the fourth one. Are they glowing?
But I have to admit, my favorite part of this post is the fact that you trademarked the word “soon.”

They are indeed glowing! I thought it would make them a bit spookier/more interesting.


That’s awesome! I have an obsession with glowing objects and I probably use it too much in my graphic design. :smile:

Also awesome in caves


Plants from the botania mod in minecraft would be epic also nice job on those flower designs :smile:

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A general goal here is to avoid mimicking minecraft or any of its mods, and instead innovating new and exciting ways of doing things. B< will have a wide variety of plants, and an even wider variety of possible color palettes for each type. End result will be hundreds (thousands?) Of unique plant possibilities.


WOW :scream:

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Slopes is a mod in minecraft…