Ambient Flowers

A small, pretty preview for you today!

You’ve probably come across wildflowers growing in the grass here and there in the game. They’ve been around for a while, and we haven’t done much with them, and… well, it shows. They’re small and low-resolution and their colours stand out a bit garishly against the more subdued palettes the rest of the world uses.

So, I’m making some new ones.

They’re still very simple and they still don’t do anything besides looking pretty, but as far as I’m concerned that’s more than enough! Their leaves will be tinted to match the grass of the world you find them in, and their flowers will be… well, pretty much any colour. They’ll add a bit of colour to grassy meadows and some ambience to your gardens. And they’re coming… soon™


the second flower looks best from all 4 ^^
But all 4 looks awesome

This new additional flowers or replace the old flowers ?

Personally, my favourite is the first one - it’s just as cute as a button. But I hope they’ll each have their admirers.


I really like all of them with no real favorites their variety will help to differentiate biomes a bit more.


These all look fantastic! A great improvement to what’s there now. I quite like the 3rd one, reminds me if the wild bluebells growing in my garden (although somewhat different colours to yours!).

Do you know if flowers will play any part in crafting or will they continue to be used purely for cosmetic reasons?


There are definitely going to be flowering plants that play a role in crafting, but these lil flowers are strictly decorative.


I love them , want to grow a nice garden:) Hope flower comes in different size, so you can have bigger ones back, and smaller in front.


Nice!! There really pretty,I’m excited to see the model! Good job!

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I think the flowers we see here are final ^^ AFAIK they wont get a model

These are in fact 3D models - but it’s understandable why that might not be obvious because they are very, very simple models. They’re pretty much just a handful of mostly-flat polygons with the all-important textures painted on them, arranged so they’ll look right from different angles while still being quite cheap to render.


nice work :slight_smile:

the details are worth to show too!

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Oh,no I just thought it was 2D,I wasn’t looking hard enough. It still looks cool…

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liked both 2 and 3 flower.
thoose could be like a rare flower while the first one seems like a good all over thing.
The third flower looks like something we could have on a Sakura biome or blueish biome :smiley:

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They look kinda 2D compared to those other Plants. Nonetheless, they still do look very nice, I’ll add it to the devlog colleciton.

The other plants are probably not going to spawn in massive amounts while I could amagine some of these plants being used for large flower fields.

That’s because they are kinda 2d^^ AFAIK they are just a texture pasted onto a flat 3d surface ^^ I don’t know any game that doesn’t use that technique for grass etc.
(@jesshyland correct me if I’m wrong please)

Time travel :open_mouth:


OOOHHhhh i love them all! cant wait to make a garden! :purple_heart::blush:


I love 1 as well :). I think i’d like 4 also if the color of the stems were the same as #3’s stems (or atleast a dark ultramarine color) since the glowing flowers seem to belong in a bio luminescent swamp.


So good, love hem all. Nice work @jesshyland! :laughing:

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