Art: Flora. First plant model

Hi guys,
this is the first plant i decided to model and test in game. Is going to be slightly translucent and emissive in night. We are already considering a possible animation for it. As always, stay tuned! A lot of new things are coming :smiley:

Maya assets

in-game view


Holy ■■■■ they look awesome :open_mouth: You guys are very talented! :slight_smile:
btw could you maybe do the lillypad next?


I do agree. The water in this game looks amazing, but with the lack of water plants the underwater view is just meh.

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Yeah, I was really interested in that underwater tree that makes lilypads :slight_smile:

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Looks epic

  1. can you destroy them?
  2. can you replant them after destroying them?
  3. are they going to drop materials we need for crafting or only be decor?

:smiley: YAY! love it


Those look awesome!

The flat top of the “bulbs” feels a bit weird to me, though (maybe not enough texture?) No good suggestions here, just initial reaction :slight_smile:

I swear we need something to wine about. This game is just coming along fantastically!


well… we get alot of fancy pictures… but for actual progress i think there is quite enough that you can complain about… atleast alot of people on steamhub do, even if they dont own the game -.-’


And you are always the first on the scene :slight_smile:

that is just how sad my life is.


It looks so good! I love how it looks in the night pictures!

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I swear, the steam audience for this game are the crappiest people


like that for every early access game, its an innate desire to feel superior, so people too stupid to develope games will bash game devs that actually try so they can feel better about their own lack of skills shrug

but while annoying and quite honestly sad at times, i also find it deeply amusing, it is like seeing monkeys throw feces at eachother.


I didn’t know how to feel,I love Oort so much. But I don’t love this plant at all.
I love that their making progress but I think the plant looks boring and plain.
I think of it as a mushroom. For food. Sorry to be a bad guy today guys.

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Thanks for the feedback. If we only wanted positive comments we’d only share stuff with out mums. So please feel free and encouraged to critique stuff you don’t like. Sometimes experiments work, sometimes they don’t.

I’ve been encouraging the team to share more things during development, so that we gather comments and feed them back into development, rather than sharing completed stuff - where the comments can’t easily alter the result.

We have plenty or criticism internally, and if it matches up with concerns form the community then it’s a validation that we need to try something else.


Wait, does it glow?!

Edit: Yes. I suck at reading posts :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’d be neater if the tops of each of the white parts caved in a bit and the light came out of that caved in part like a ray. I can only imagine how hard the second bit would be to implement, but the caving in part would make it look a little better I think.


Japp, a critical point of view is a good attitude to approach the development of the game. I for my part like this plant, but would like to see it only in cavern or desert areas, cuz it is not fitting well into places with more vegetation. I also think that the tops of its “pedals” may get a relief or other addition because they look a bit to simple in the moment.


I completely agree,I see as a cactus like plant you could get water from in a desert.