Amethyst and Emerald Hard to find!

Okay I use an Atlas with Amethyst and Emerald see a bunch of Hot spots on the map also the suggestion of altitude on a chart to find them but I am not having any lucky what altitude is it??

I personally try to stay between 8 and 16 altitude when going for amethyst

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I feel you, even with a 3x3 hammer finding enough of them to do a mass craft is such a bore


I’ve been mining nothing but these for months… they are a little slower to get, but here’s my wisdom…

Find a nice bright blob away from lava if possible, and start clearing out at a fixed altitude, when you find iron/silver, go up/around/under until you find the amethyst hiding. The alt is 0 to 23, and larger amounts of the iron/silver/gold will lead to bigger clumps. Don’t travel along the thinner seams if on t6, but follow the seams on beresnova.


I remember that days you could walk away with 3k emeralds in a hour or two on shedu.

If you come to High Ridge and see me on, I’ll give you a location token for where I mine amethyst. It’s the only one I’ve mined consistently. I can’t remember which world it is right now.

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Okay, I think I’m dumb. I confused amathyst and topaz.


I wish I could find amethyst like topaz.


I tend to mine amethyst between 0-15 for altitude on Norkyna. I generally get around 200-300 per persisting pie. I don’t mine emeralds anymore, just change compact amethyst into compact emerald with a block change chisel. Any area with a decent collection of small hotspots will do. Also, look for straight clear spots as an indicator of recent mining.