An Average Day in Aquatopia (short Story)

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This was done as a story for @the-moebius, for his city Aquatopia.


It was a hot day and the sun was rising over the markets of Aquatopia, Lar’ki was strolling down the may paths of the Markets, taking in all the smells of various fish being sold, the sounds of fishermen hauling their catch to the markets to sell and the spray of the lake splashing on his face, however Lar’ki was too busy to continue taking everything in and continued on his way to his fathers shop, as Lar’ki turned a corner into the lower markets, he could see an old weather beaten shack cobbled together out of old boat parts and nets, held together by ropes and sails, of boats long gone, Lar’ki entered through the door way a net, covered in the teeth of various fish, that like to snack on the unwary swimmer, cooling out to his father Lar’ki took a seat behind the counter, grabbed a filleting knife he grabbed a fish and started working, as he did so his father came down the staircase, a series of box stacked and roped together by nets to act as a way upstairs, “hows my boy” cried out Ma’kia, Lar’ki’s father, “I made it into the fishers guild” proclaimed Lar’ki, proud Ma’kia grabbed Lar’ki, and gave him a big hug, almost crashing into a barrel of fish guts, laughing they chatted through out the day and that night Lar’ki packed his stuff and feeling anxious, said his goodbyes to his father, as he headed down the now deserted streets of Aquatopia, Lar’ki thought about if he should go or stay with his father and help run the business, however Lar’ki wanting to make his father proud and become a Master fisher of the guild set off with renewed vigour down the streets.


Hope you all enjoyed this, stay tuned for Part 2.


I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing it with us! :slight_smile: