An introduction of the Devs

@ben @james could one of you make a devlog that is a collection of the developers on the team? saying things such as name, what part they make of the game, other games they have worked on and such. would be really cool to see :smiley:

Possible structure, just short

Job on the game:
How long have i been interested in game developement:
How did i get into the Game Developement world:
Other games i have worked on:
Favorite video game quote
I became part of wonderstruck because:

As someone who is considering taking a 3 year education as a datamatic with focus on game design i would love to hear how all of the dev members started and how they became part of wonderstruck


Name, “job on the game”, “other games i have worked on” and “I became part of Wonderstruck because” would in my opinion already be enough information.

I also think a devlog is not necessary. If one of the devs is interested in sharing this information with us he should simply make a post in this thread.

More than just for selfish reasons its to present themselves, i have said this before, i personally think that Oort Onlines main selling point is that the developers are very down to earth and human compared to big game studious so being able to post the information to the people who are curious would help alot, and if you look at other indie games you see it.

they already have pictures on their main page, but i think they have expanded since they made it, not sure if they added the new people too :smile:

also the point is to see the team not just a few of them, forexample we have all seen @ben @james and @ian but once in a while a new dev pops in and there are many more we havent seen at all, oort will be shaped by the people who create it, and the people who create it are shaped by their previous experiences and personal preference, wouldnt you like to know who those people are? or do you just not care much for it?

Pardon my asking, but what in the name of Ada Lovelace is a “datamatic?”

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The closest thing i got to the name, the Danish education is called ‘‘Datamatiker’’ so DataMatic.

Its basically a programming education where you learn to make software and how to make/control databases and servers, so its a more all around education, think web design is also one of them, and the end goal is depending on your specialization either Programming, Creating IT-Systems or keep track of and work with huge databases. The education i have looked at is the only one of the kind in Denmark called ‘‘Datamatic with focus on Game Design’’ which is tied together with the MultiMedia designer education too :smile:

EDIT: The best translations are ‘‘Advanced Computer Studies’’ , ‘‘Computer Technician’’ or ‘‘Datamatician’’

This would be nice, but it’s not crucial for me personally. Ben and James regularly make an appearance on the forums and are well known, but I think this will help other devs to say “hi” and get to know the community closer if they want to :slight_smile:

Ah. Around here (USA) “Computer Technician” is the guy that opens the case and points out how the capacitors on the motherboard are bulging.

Sounds like a good curriculum to me.

Yeah its the software side of things, but i dunno, its just an idea and not yet said in stone, it will take me 2 years from now on to finish the education leading up to it anyways, this is why i really enjoy that the dev team is being so open, i love being able to look into the work to see if it is something i could see myself making a living off, though gamers now a days are self-entitled pricks who dont care about the people who make the games for them, that is the part that is kinda pulling me away from it… but back to devs.

Well how much do you care about the engineers that designed your car?

I dont drive a car, so not much.

So you think its justified to be a prick that will just completely shitstorm a small game dev team for no reason what so ever? is that justified? i mean surely, if you dont care about your engineer then that must be it.

There is a fine line between ‘‘not caring’’ and ‘‘will trample what you made to the ground for no reason what so ever’’

If a product is genuinly bad then its fair that its called bad, however using your example, what people are basically doing is looking at the ad of a car without testing it, and then with no basis of logic say that its a crappy car and then start sending hate mails and harass the engineers. that is the equivelant, which is proven by all the ‘‘Omg minecraft clone’’ threads :smile:

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Wrong, the equivalent would be: A few engineers try to create a new car brand via crowdfunding. They get some money and after a year the car prototype doesn’t meet the expectations of some backers. Then those backers start to complain in public forums. And given the fact that the gaming community is a lot more immature than the “community” of automobile users it escalates to a “shitstorm”.

Yes, precisely, this, please. find proof of this happening, i can find you 5 examples of my statement, how many can you find of yours? they are not the same thing mate.

Guys, please, don’t.

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Of course I cant, no one would ever crowdfund a new car brand. It´s just a hypothetical example.