An Oort Library

I have been thinking for a while now, wouldn’t it be cool to have a bookcase block where you can add books to your collection.

[Ok so that probably doesn’t sound so thrilling, but hear me out…]

You could also then craft books which you write into yourself.
This would be a great place for you to write down your ideas of Oortian lore, write a short story from the world of Oort, take note of useful tips, or document the local wildlife and your travels.

When you travel you can check your journal along the way, which will draw the area around you on the map.

You could write down your observations of creatures you meet; Where to find them, what they do, what loot you get from them, the best way to fight them etc.

And then, when you return home after your adventures, you visit your library where your writings will be saved forever.

Additionally, when you visit another cities library you can read their books and choose which you would like to copy and take home with you. Doing this give you their explored sections of the map, their tips and tricks, ideas of lore, combat techniques to learn from or just a great tale from the worlds of Oort.

So, what do you guys think? Would you get on board with this?


I always said we needed notes and books, it would be a great tool for making playrun events, like treasure hunts or stuff.

personally i would like to see a scribe profession though, so you have to make the inks and pens, and the better you are the longer books and notes you can write, but if we dont have professions i guess that doesnt really matter :smile:

You could also have an explorer profession for use of your journal, gaining rewards for how much of the map you uncover and pass on.

You could also add screenshots into books to make picture albums.

would be cool, although i dont think its that easy to make, remember how few people they are :smile:

If there were any professions a scribe profession should be a 2.0/3.0 feature^^
But yes I’d kill to see player written books in Oort

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A profession that allows you to write books? why in the world would the books be relevant but the profession who writes them would come later?

but it was just an idea from a loooong time ago, i think it would be cool if people could literally level up writing books or become famous, but it would be pretty great if you could make it ingame too,

if possible i would like to see different sizes, so you can make bigger books or longer notes for more/better materials. i would also kinda like if we had a personal journal that you could write in, you would never lose it and you could never give it to anybody, but a way to remember stuff, instead of having to write it in notepad outside of the game.

Because it’s not as hard to implement something simple as a book instead of a whole profession.
It would be too much detail for the early Oort to have such a specialized profession at all. But not to have a book.
And I don’t really see what the perks could be. It doesn’t make sense to put a limit on how much you can write because of your lvl.
On the other hand it would make sense to put a limit based on the ressources you used for the book.

Fair enough

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I’m crossing my fingers to get book props in the future. I have been keeping a large room in my citadel open for a library and I’d love to stock it with player written books some day!

I think I’ll finish it tonight and share some screen shots, now I’m kinda hyped to finish it!


Also the profession of “scribe” is one that only makes sense in a world where the vast overwhelming majority of people are illiterate :pensive:

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Yeah,think this is a great idea. You could even trade books with other people.

All of this reminds me of the thread about skills and recipies being stored and learned in books that could be kept in in-game libraries and discovered in oort temples. Interesting way to handle recipe discovery. Anybody want to dig that up? I’m at work and on mobile.

As promised, screenshots of a library. Just waiting for books to stock it up!


That looks great :slight_smile: i like the little tables to the left

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It would be cool if you could add photos of wildlife, buildings, and materials in the books.

How about a craft-able camera to go with your journal?

or just the ingame screenshots you can decide to print them into the books, just dont know how easy/hard that is tbh, but it would definitely be neat.

While i personally dont like SkySaga alot, i do quite like the fact that they have an ingame camera that you can use to take and save pictures with.

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A hybrid function of both could work nicely. Build an in game camera, then take pictures with your screen shot key. The game would then simply pull the image it renders straight from your steam screen shot album, and you would have a digital copy available outside of the game. In game photos could get a physical item that could then be pasted into a book or photo album and stored in game. There may be a difficulty with the game wanting to store everything on it’s servers, but I imagine there must be a way to make it find the photos on steams cloud instead.

Hm would be a problem if you delete it in your steam screenshot album. Assuming you can give this books to others.

Nah, if the game automatically uploads it to steam’s cloud, it does not matter if you still have it on your pc.