Ancient Corruption Not Seachable on Shop Scanner

It appears that ancient corruption block does not show up on the shop scanner on any world. As far as I know, this is the only shop object I cannot “scan”.

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Dark Glass does not show up in the Knowledge tab either, so it probably doesn’t show up in the shop scanner either.

Far as I know it’s all the natural blocks that don’t and they said it’ll be fixed in the next update. There’s a few posts about it already. Tho this might fall under this one actually.

So not sure when it’s getting fixed. Since it wasn’t stated when it would be.

Unless it’s in the knowledge tab and just not on the shop stand info. But that would be something you would have to check as I’m at work and probably wouldn’t check it even if I wasn’t if I’m being honest. :sweat_smile::joy:

in the next update (dont ask me when that is though…)


I was aware of dark glass not being searchable, but ancient corruption is. I also did not find any post in regards to ancient corruption specifically, which is what prompted me to create this post.

Thanks all for the feedback!

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When can I ask? :slightly_smiling_face: